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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #90

As busy nurse practitioners, we see numerous conditions throughout the day. Sometimes a patient will off-handedly mention a “sore” on their skin that “doesn’t seem to heal.” Sores can be many things;

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #92

Plantar warts can be some of the most frustrating skin infections to treat. When a patient presents seeking treatment, it is imperative to counsel them that warts often require multiple sessions, and

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The Modern Practice

The concepts in this article are CRITICAL to understand if you are serious about building an exceptional practice that will flourish over the next decade. You need to understand that how consumers

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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #89

In anticipation to the upcoming Dermatology and Cosmetic Skin Care Course that we are planning to launch at the end of July, we will be releasing multiple dermatology focused clinical pearls over

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Do You Need Disability Insurance?

Most employed nurse practitioners are offered short term and long-term disability insurance policies as part of their benefits package when they work for someone else. On the other side of the coin,