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Finance Tip Friday #43: Living on Variable Income

Being able to pay yourself an income through your business to live off can be difficult for the nurse practitioner entrepreneur. Businesses will have either regular/predictable income or variable income. Often, it

Vitamin D capsules

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #145

One of the most common health & wellness recommendations that we offer patients is to “take your vitamin D”.  However, many of us don’t take the time to teach the detailed information

Infected man dying in self quarantine

Making a Living or Making a Dying. You Choose.

I always hated that saying “making a living” when referring to a job. Are you really “making a living?” Do you feel alive after work? Most people don’t, especially nurse practitioners. Instead

financial planning report chart 3207895

Finance Tip Friday #42: Assets vs Liabilities

Do you know what asset and liabilities you have in your life? Assets = Something that pays you. Liabilities = Something that takes away money from you. From a non-financial standpoint, you

forge craft hot to form iron 550622

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #144

Do you recommend/prescribe iron to any of your patients? Are they iron deficient? Or maybe they have low ferritin levels and benefit from iron supplementation? Regardless, you should know the differences between

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