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"You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others."

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Job Negotiation and Salaries

When you begin your search for a job as a new grad nurse practitioner or even as an established nurse practitioner looking for something new, it is very important you pay attention

Pre-Release Special for The Elite NP Model eBook!

Announcing: The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model eBook! How a nurse practitioner found professional freedom and financial independence in modern day healthcare. I have finally finished my eBook that covers the strategies and

The Vital Aspects of an Employment Contract

Many nurse practitioners get very anxious when handed an employment contract for a new position. It is often long, with paragraph after paragraph of legal mumbo jumbo. Some nurse practitioners even resort

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #14

Do you realize how easy it has become to treat Hepatitis C with all the various new anti-viral medications? Listen, treatment for Hepatitis C is relatively straight forward. There are only a

Step by Step Guide on How to Create a Business

I have received multiple emails over the past 2 weeks asking what will be included in my upcoming eBook The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model. A common question has been “Will your book give

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #13

Oh SHIT! Hematuria! Remember the acronym S.H.I.T. when you are trying to determine the etiology of hematuria: S: Stone. Nephrolithiasis and stones in the urinary tract will cause hematuria. H: Hematological and

5 Levels of Financial Freedom

I have developed 5 levels of financial freedom for the nurse practitioner. Every nurse practitioner falls under one of these categories. Utilizing the Elite Nurse Practitioner Model should help you get to