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"You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others."

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Have Multiple LLC’s To Cover Your Ass!

It is vital you understand the principle of spreading out your legal risk and liability when you own a business and/or work in health care. This is even more important if you

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #17

Have a patient with a severe cough possibly from pneumonia, bronchitis or an upper respiratory infection? This cough can at times be severe enough to affect normal activities of daily living. Often

Contentment Is a Scary Word

Being content with your life is a great place to be. It usually means you have achieved a level of success in your personal, professional, and financial life that makes you happy.

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #16

Have a pediatric patient complaining of urinary symptoms? Check a urine (obviously) but make sure to examine their genital area. If the urine is normal, usually candida is to blame. This typically

You Must Fail to Become Successful

Success is something that everyone strives for, especially the nurse practitioner. You go to school, work hard, and expect to succeed in your life! The problem though, is that the current medical

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #15

Flu season is in full swing. Here is the Elite NP strategy for influenza: You should be thinking influenza when you hear a patient complaining of body aches during influenza season. It

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