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"You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others."

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The Elite NP Podcast Episode 67: Marketing Makeover

Today we’ll be talking to April, a Family NP. Currently, she’s working part-time at an OBGYN office while she works on her telemedicine women’s health and HRT Clinic that she started about

Senior lady with hypertension measuring blood pressure herself

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #177

Have a patient with hypertension? Then ensure you do a thorough workup when they first present symptoms. In patients with hypertension, it’s important to assess for secondary causes of hypertension, especially in

Beautiful old female doctor

Provide COMPLEMENTARY Services in Your Practice!

As an astute nurse practitioner entrepreneur who runs their own niche practice, you should know at this point that offering a specialized service to a specific patient population is an excellent way

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