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"You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others."

The Elite NURSE Practitioner

  • The Elite Nurse Practitioner is a blog and content provider specifically tailored for nurse practitioners, by nurse practitioners.
  • The Elite Nurse Practitioner is dedicated to assisting nurse practitioners in creating successful financial, professional, and personal lives. This is done through providing practical real advice that benefits nurse practitioners... not fluff filled nursing theory!
  • The Elite Nurse Practitioner discusses everything from business start up to clinical advice to issues facing our profession and everything in between.
  • The articles, courses, and eBooks available are designed to increase your professional freedom and teach you how to start a profitable practice that can be done part-time!

Latest Posts

Busy Work VS. Income Generating Work

There are two types of work in business life: Income generating work. Busy work. You need to understand these different types of work because they will determine how much money you make….

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #27

Have a patient complaining of back or neck pain? Forgo doing x-rays if there was no significant traumatic event and the patient has no mid-line tenderness. Usually a simple back or neck…

How to Save Money on Taxes

When you work for your employer or own your own business, there are two types of income generated: pre-tax and post-tax dollars. It is vital you understand these. To many entrepreneurs just…

Beating Your Competition

Many nurse practitioners have a hard time finding their niche service idea. Listen, it is one of the hardest parts of starting a side practice, but it is also the most important…

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #26

Have a patient complaining of blurred vision? Urinary retention? Dry mouth? Constipation? Look at their medication list and see if they are on an anticholinergic. Common anticholinergic drugs include diphenhydramine, antidepressants such…

How to Pay Yourself Through Your LLC

One of the first steps in starting a small practice is forming a limited liability company (LLC). If you want to start a small side practice, you must form an LLC. It…

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