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Disease The Medicine Health  - nastya_gepp / Pixabay

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #105

Have a patient who states that they have bed bugs or scabies? Do they have small erythematous lesions that are consistent with a small insect bite, but you are still not sure?

Mountains Success Hiking Trekking  - hallucinogenizer / Pixabay

Living by Default or Living by Design

Far too many nurse practitioners just live by default. What do I mean by this? I mean that the average nurse practitioner is just going along with the flow of things. They

Woman Happy Winning Lottery Money  - Tumisu / Pixabay

Finance Tip #12: Cash Flow vs. Net Worth

Many nurse practitioner entrepreneurs become focused on building a high net worth, but is this really what you should be focusing on? In my opinion, focusing on CASH FLOW is much more

Caution Warning Danger Sign Symbol  - kreatikar / Pixabay

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #104

Have a patient presenting with Acanthosis Nigricans? Remember, Acanthosis Nigricans presents as a velvet hyperpigmented patch most common on the back of the neck or in the skin folds. It is typically

Doctor Patient Coronavirus Nurses  - Elf-Moondance / Pixabay

30 Patients in 2 Hours…

Disclaimer: This is more of an opinion piece. Yes, you read that right… 30 patients presented to the urgent care yesterday starting at 4:30pm and until 6:15pm… Absolute insanity and totally unsustainable

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