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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #58

If you are treating men for low testosterone, you will run into the side effect of erythrocytosis. Expect it. Testosterone stimulates the production of red blood cells, which ultimately leads to an

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Preventing Patient No-Shows

Patient no-shows are a huge problem for any kind of practice. When a patient does not show up, it is a waste of your time, plain and simple… You are a nurse

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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #57

This is not necessarily a “pearl”, but more of some clinical/human advice. Reach out to your elderly patients over these holidays. The elderly have been impacted socially by this pandemic more than

Consistency and Time = Business Success

Success is determined by 2 main foundational principles: Consistency Time You must be consistent in your endeavors and give it time for them to flourish. This is true with most things in

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #56

Anytime you ever repair a soft tissue injury such as sutures for a laceration, you need to ensure you document the patient’s functionality after the procedure. In your procedure documentation, simply document

Taxes as an NP Employee Vs. an NP Business Owner

The tax obligations of standard W2 employees and those of business owners are not created equal. Far from it in fact. Income taxes are essentially paid through the income that you earn.

Limiting Beliefs

Everyone experiences negative commentary in their mind, especially as they start and operate a business. This is a prevalent phenomenon amongst nurse practitioner entrepreneurs, I hear about it all the time from

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