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"You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others."

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Chart Businessman Money Statistic  - mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

Finance Tip Friday #7: Self Directed IRAs

Many of you have a tax advantaged IRA account that you invest in for retirement (if you don’t, you should). But did you know there is something called a Self-Directed IRA? A

Salt Crystal Crystals Galit  - kostkarubika005 / Pixabay

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #98

Do you understand the mineralocorticoid and glucocorticoid effects of corticosteroids? I bet many of you do not… I am going to keep this brief and simple as you can look up more

Roller Coaster Amusement Park Fair  - GDJ / Pixabay

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Starting a Business

I often talk about the technical aspects of starting a practice or how to develop the appropriate positive mindset necessary to succeed. I rarely ever talk about the emotions that happen behind

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