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Planning Organized Word Planner  - inspireus / Pixabay

Focus on Tomorrow, NOT YESTERDAY

Yesterday is not here to pat you on the back. Did you finish your website? Did you finally get your consents put into your EMR? Did you finally sign your lease? Did

Aesthetics Beautician Woman  - lucas_pego / Pixabay

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #87

When you are talking about Botox with your patients, it is important that you never use the term “dilute” when referring to mixing up a vial of neurotoxin. We reconstitute, not dilute the

Business Contract Handshake  - geralt / Pixabay

Avoid Vendor and Service Contracts!

Many new and seasoned nurse practitioner entrepreneurs will often fall victim to signing a lengthy contract for a business associated service or product at some point in their entrepreneurial journey. I have

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