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"You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others."

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Side Business

Why Medical Cannabis is a Lucrative Side Business.

Medical cannabis is one of the cheapest and highest revenue-generating practices you can start. I love my medical cannabis clinic for this reason. Medical cannabis is a growing industry throughout the country.

Affordable and Best Nursing Assistant

Medical Cannabis Frequently Asked Questions

I have had dozens of emails and Facebook messages from people who are interested in the medical cannabis clinic course so far. I have also received a lot of questions. Here are


Busy Work VS. Income Generating Work

There are two types of work in business life: Income generating work. Busy work. You need to understand these different types of work because they will determine how much money you make.


Clinical Pearl Wednesday #27

Have a patient complaining of back or neck pain? Forgo doing x-rays if there was no significant traumatic event and the patient has no mid-line tenderness. Usually a simple back or neck

Starting Practice

How to Save Money on Taxes

When you work for your employer or own your own business, there are two types of income generated: pre-tax and post-tax dollars. It is vital you understand these. To many entrepreneurs just


Beating Your Competition

Many nurse practitioners have a hard time finding their niche service idea. Listen, it is one of the hardest parts of starting a side practice, but it is also the most important


Clinical Pearl Wednesday #26

Have a patient complaining of blurred vision? Urinary retention? Dry mouth? Constipation? Look at their medication list and see if they are on an anticholinergic. Common anticholinergic drugs include diphenhydramine, antidepressants such

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