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The Women’s Health and HRT Course Is Now On Sale!

Announcement: The Women’s Health and Hormone Replacement Course is now available for purchase! Remember, this course will be on sale for $399 until October 4th. After that, the price will increase to

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #49

Have a middle aged female with recurrent UTIs? Has she been on round after round of antibiotics but symptoms return? Has she even seen urology? Consider vaginal DHEA treatment. As females get

Account for Change in Business

Our world is constantly changing and evolving, and you must account for this as a nurse practitioner entrepreneur. One of the reason entrepreneurs fail in the long term is that they assume

Announcing The Women’s Health and HRT Course!

After countless requests from the Elite Nurse Practitioner readership, I am pleased to ANNOUNCE the release of The Women’s Health and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Course! This course will be released on

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #48

Have a patient with unexplained fatigue? Check a serum ferritin level! Remember, ferritin is the major iron storage protein of the body, therefore it is an indirect way to measure how much

Overload Paralysis

Have you ever had so much stuff you had to get done that the thought of it all just paralyzed you to do anything? Ya… This is an interesting phenomenon… Not only

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