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Preferred Vendor of The Month: Hallandale Pharmacy

Through my ongoing mission of helping as many of my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers break free, I am pleased to highlight our vendor of the month, Hallandale Pharmacy. The goal of this monthly announcement is to enlighten you about some of our vendors who have graciously provided all Elite NP members discounts on their services and products to help you start and grow your practice affordably! Remember, there is no contract, commitment, or fee to utilize the vendors either. Help yourself!

Hallandale Pharmacy

As we know there have been several issues throughout all the compounding pharmaceutical industry. Ranging from extended processing times, problems with shipping as well as other problems along the supply chain. However, Hallandale has been consistent with being able to obtain and provide amazing products at amazing prices. Additionally, Hallandale is PCAB accredited.

We are partnered with Rudy Sardina and Michelle Merceri of Hallandale pharmacy to provide the best pricing in the industry to our Elites of their extensive formulary. 

Please note the following updates:

-Elites who are using reps other than Michelle or Rudy are not guaranteed the Elite pricing. Though you still may get that pricing, we are not guaranteeing it. Additionally, when not set up under Michelle or Rudy or Elite pricing is not discussed at set up, back credits will no longer be available.

-The onboarding process of signing up with Rudy & Michelle is about 4 – 6 weeks, though there will be an IT update any day now that should shorten this process to about 1 – 2 weeks.

We ask for patience as all the pharmaceutical industry is currently backed up. But we at The Elite NP are proud to partner with a pharmacy that provides an outstanding product and amazing prices. 

To set up your account with our dedicated reps please contact Michelle via email: or Rudy via email:

Current license that are pending and NOT shippable at this time: AL, AR, CA, HI, IN, KS, MI, MN, NE-non-sterile is ok.

Should you have any questions or concerns that were not addressed by Michelle or Rudy, do not hesitate to contact Amy at

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