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Preferred Vendor of The Month: Kincaid Solutions for Health Insurance

Through my ongoing mission of helping as many of my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers break free, I am pleased to highlight our second vendor of the month. The goal of this monthly announcement is to enlighten you about some of our vendors who have graciously provided all Elite NP members discounts on their services and products to help you start and grow your practice affordably! Remember, there is no contract, commitment, or fee to utilize the vendors either. Help yourself!

The June vendor of the month is Kincaid Solutions, who provides health insurance for the nurse practitioner business owner! Once you venture on your own, you need to acquire your own health insurance as a business owner, and Kincaid Solutions can help you secure a policy for you and your family.

Kincaid Solutions spotlight:

Kincaid Solutions would first like to highlight some nurse practitioners they have already helped being our preferred vendor for health insurance:

“I thought Obama Care HMOs were the only option for my family because we are self-employed.  The Kincaid’s have been a pleasure to work with and now we are insured with a plan that really works for the first time in a decade!” 

Wants to stay anonymous, NP

“Trust me, I am going to refer everyone in need to you… you have a great product.”

Brent Eaton, NP

“I never knew this insurance was available to us. We are so glad we called you guys!”

L.N., Small business owner 

Health Insurance is by no means a once-size-fits-all solution, especially for nurse practitioner entrepreneurs. Kincaid Solutions has a broad portfolio of flexible, powerful, affordable solutions, including PPO plans that work everywhere in the US and beyond for you and your family.

Kincaid Solutions is proud to partner with The Elite NP to offer health insurance services at affordable rates. Please see our website for more info. When ready, click The Elite NP logo for a fully private, HIPAA secure quote so we can help secure the health of you and your family!

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