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Preferred Vendor of The Month: Wellness Medical Protection Group

Through my ongoing mission of helping as many of my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers break free, I am pleased to highlight our third vendor of the month. The goal of this monthly announcement is to enlighten you about some of our vendors who have graciously provided all Elite NP members discounts on their services and products to help you start and grow your practice affordably! Remember, there is no contract, commitment, or fee to utilize the vendors either. Help yourself!

The August vendor of the month is Wellness Medical Protection Group (WMPG). WMPG specializes in providing specialized malpractice policies for practices that provide niche services. This is important because often, malpractice policies do not specifically outline what you are or aren’t covered for. For example, some policies just state that you are covered “as long as you are practicing within your scope.” While this should be fine, it is a grey area in my opinion. Why take chances on something that is SO IMPORTANT? WMPG writes policies specific to what you are doing. Read this and this article to understand more about malpractice.

From WMPG:

Did you know most policies don’t protect you for using off-FDA label practices? This includes functional medicine, medspa services, IV nutrition, and BHRT. This also applies for prescribing compounds frequently that are not FDA registered medications. 

WMPG specializes in providing these coverage services specifically for nurse practitioners!

We have helped thousands of practitioners get protected and we write policies specific to what you are doing.  Schedule a free consultation or ask for a quote, we actually shop all the major carriers for you so that you get the full coverage tailoring to your freedom to practice, for the lowest price, without compromising your practice.

Wellness Medical Protection Group has over 30 years of experience in providing total practice coverage exclusively in this arena.  It is our specialty. 
WMPG provides nationwide policies to keep you and your license protected!

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