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The Elite NURSE Practitioner | Preferred Vendor Purchasing

The Elite Nurse Practitioner is proud to present The Elite Nurse Practitioner Preferred Vendor Organization! This is similar to a GPO (group purchasing organization) but we decided to stay away from that model due to regulatory nonsense. Instead, we created our own preferred vendor list open to all nurse practitioners who own their own practice or who are in the process of starting one! And the best part is that there is no application, approval process, or contractual obligations that are found in a GPO. You can just simply begin reaching out to the vendors of your choice below!

The goal of our preferred vendor list is to provide you discounted and QUALITY services and products to help you succeed. The vendors below have been carefully selected to provide discounts to all Elite NP members, students, and our overall readership.

The list below are our preferred vendors under each respective service category. All you need to do is contact them through the respective link and use the appropriate code (if applicable) during your registration process to obtain special Elite Nurse Practitioner discounts and services.

Disclaimer: I cannot assist with technical support or the signup process of any of these vendors as they are independent businesses… therefore reach out to them if you are having issues signing up.

Service Categories:

Merit Pharmaceutical

Elite NP members receive 5% off Merit Pharmaceutical Orders!

Times are changing out there. There are supply chain issues from toilet paper to butter to PPE to saline.

So, how are we supposed to run our practices?! No worries! We have partnered with Merit Pharmaceuticals to help with all your practice needs, from PPE to Saline to IV tubing and more. Additionally, Merit carries PRP, weight loss medications and IV therapy products.

The great thing is that Merit is located in the port city of Los Angeles!! Fresh off the ship and delivered right to your practices door. No need to fret in these uncertain times. Merit has your back.

For more information, please contact Merit at (800) 69-MERIT or order online at Please use discount code EliteNP2022 for online orders.

Please note, we do NOT ship to: Delaware, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming

More coming soon! We are finalizing contracts with other suppliers!

Access Medical Labs

The Elite NP has partnered with Access Medical Labs on a variety of niche lab panels for your cash patients. Please visit the following link for more information on how to sign up and to view the discounts!

Compounding Pharmacy of America

Compounding Pharmacy of America (CPofA) and the sales representative Alex Erkkila has partnered with The Elite NP to help serve you in your 503(a) (patient specific) compounding needs.
CPofA proudly services 30 states and is rapidly growing. Ms. Erkkila provides you with personal, prompt service and education for your compounded medications. 
Additionally, CPofA is accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board, being in the 2% of all compounding pharmacies with this distinction. They are also accredited with The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.
CPofA is currently offering Elite NP members multiple discounts on common compounded medications including:
Semaglutide at $90 per vial for 5.3 mg/2 ml mixed with 200 mg/2 ml of l-carnitine. This is 2.65mg/ml of semaglutide with 100mg/ml of l-carnitine. 
NAD+ 1000mg at $65 per vial.
PT 141 2ml at $110 per vial.
And many more!
Call Alex Erkkila directly at 931.703.4405 or email her at

More oming soon! We are finalizing contracts with other pharmacies!


At Olympia Compounding Pharmacy, we understand the importance as well as the necessity of offering both 503A (hormones, weight loss, etc.) and 503B compounding pharmacy capabilities (IV medications). Each of these designations of compounders plays a crucial role in filling today’s compounding landscape.

With our two separate, state-of-the-art facilities, Olympia supports both patient-specific and office-use needs across the U.S., enabling our customers to comply with all national and state regulatory requirements while having the convenience of a single-source pharmacy partner.

Meets or Exceeds Rigorous National Standards
Highly Qualified, Credentialed Staff
State-of-the-Art Equipment
Highest Quality Chemicals
Quality Sterile & Non-Sterile Products

All Elite NP members will receive 10% off all catalog prices, and as your clinic grows and volume increases, the discount will increase!

Please visit the following link to create an account with Olympia and an account representative will reach out to you:

Coming soon! We are finalizing contracts with pharmacies!

Commercial Webmaster

Getting a company to design and develop a reliable website can be a daunting task. This is especially true for busy Nurse Practitioners starting a new niche business from scratch. The great thing is you don’t have to start alone. 

From the beginning of your process Commercial Webmaster will work with you to find the perfect available domain name, help with your branding with a custom logo, design and develop your website from “scratch”, as well as offer options for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when you launch.

The best part is that they understand the unique needs and challenges that are inevitable when launching a successful NP business. They have done most of the Elite NP sites including our main site (you are on right now). 

Their basic custom website will come with a $500 Elite NP discount right off the bat. SEO services are also discounted  $100 off both the setup and monthly fees.

To get started you can go to the Commercial Webmaster Elite NP page where these discounts are already reflected or simply click the schedule a 30 minute consultation below.

Buffalo Billing LLC

Buffalo Billing has partnered with The Elite Nurse Practitioner to help Elite NP members with all their back off insurance billing needs. The typical collection rate is 7% but for Elite NP members, they have discounted their billing services to just 5% of collections. In addition, credentialing services are 10-40% off depending on which carriers you want to be credentialed with.

Buffalo Billing can assist with credentialing, accounts receivable, billing, and more! They will help get you launched and with their expertise in a number of services offered, they can act as your back office so you can focus on your patient care! 

No project is too big or too small.  Whatever you need, Buffalo Billing has you covered.  Take that next step and schedule an appointment to discuss your needs! 

Wellness Medical Protection Group

Wellness Medical Protection Group has over 30 years of experience in providing total practice coverage.
WMPG provides nationwide policies to keep you and your license protected!
Did you know most policies don’t protect you for using off-FDA label practices? This includes functional medicine, medspas, IV nutrition, and BHRT’s. WMPG specializes in providing these coverage services to nurse practitioners!
Additionally, as business owners there are additional liabilities you may not have thought of. These include property, workman’s comp, general liability and more. This can be a daunting task to obtain these coverages and worrisome if there may be holes between the policies. Now, there is no need to get policies from 5 different companies as Wellness Medical Protection Group will be your one stop shop!
WMPG is offering Elite NP members free quotes and current policy assessment and $100 off their fee upon binding. There are also additional savings for workman’s comp and general liability.

Kincaid Solutions

Health Insurance is by no means a once-size-fits-all solution, especially for entrepreneurs like you. Kincaid Solutions has a broad portfolio of flexible, powerful, affordable solutions, including PPO plans that work everywhere in the US and beyond.

We are proud to partner with The Elite NP to offer our services at affordable rates. Please see our website for more info. When ready, click The Elite NP logo for a fully private, HIPAA secure quote.

Kincaid Solutions.
Health Insurance as it Should Be:

Wyoming LLC Attorney

The Wyoming LLC Attorney is a Wyoming based, nationwide law firm specializing in business creation services, estate planning, asset protection, and privacy issues. The Elite NP is proud to partner with The WY LLC attorney provide cost effective LLC creation services and guide you through proper asset protection. Additionally, they are providing free 15 minute phone consultations to all Elite NP members!

Since Nurse Practitioners are confronted by two major sources of liability: Business Liability and Personal Liability, an LLC for a nurse practitioner (NP) provides several benefits.

The unique nature of the profession means there are limitations to liability protection. For example, professionals cannot rid themselves of liability arising from malpractice. Insurance is required for this liability. However, there are many aspects of your business and personal life that can be structured so as to minimize your assets at risk during a lawsuit. This structuring can provide more protections than most practitioners are aware of.


Radiology services can be a hassle to deal with during your busy schedule. Hassling with prior authorizations, insurance navigation (even if you are cash based), patient adherence and more. This means your face-to-face time with patients is lost and equals lost revenue! That is why we partnered with Medmo to assist our Elite NP members with all of your radiology needs.

Medmo provides you with a personal provider platform where Elites can order radiology services for their patients, then let Medmo handle the rest! This allows you to improve adherence, increase follow-up visits and improve patient outcomes while providing an amazing patient experience.

You’ll order imaging with just a few clicks and Medmo will contact your patients, assist them with radiology appointment scheduling, guide them through using insurance or going self pay, assist with all the prior authorizations and return radiology reports to you all through their state of the art portal. You’ll be able to track the progress and communicate with Medmo Care Team along the way through the platform.

Medmo can help to increase compliance and have they have negotiated cash-pay rates with radiology providers in most states. They are providing their services to you all Elite NP members at a 50% discount! Get in touch with them through the link below and be sure to let them know you are part of the Elite NP team!

Total Commerce Solutions

The Elite NP has partnered with SwipeSimple and Total Commerce Solutions to bring you a transparent cost effective solution for capturing all credit card payments in your practice. Our SwipeSimple software allows NPs to run credit card transactions in-office at the point of sale or to setup recurring monthly payments.

Discounted rates and offers:

  • Interchange plus rates –
  • Card present 2.25%-2.50%
  • Card not present 2.75%-3.25%
  • Free EMV Bluetooth Card Reader (card present)
  • Free SwipeSimple Virtual Terminal (card not present)
  • No Contract – Month to Month Agreement!
  • Scheduled Recurring Payments included!
  • Email and Text Billing capability
  • Add a “pay now” button your your website with ease!


For additional information about the features listed below, please click the link below and someone from TCS will contact you to help get you started:


RingRX has partnered with The Elite NP to provide our members with HIPPA compliant phone, fax and text messaging. There are multiple plans available to customize to your offices need as RingRX specializes in healthcare communications.

RingRX will be offering our members a discount of 10%.

For more information, setup a free trial or call 888-980-6860 (option 1) for more information. Use the code EliteNP when signing up!


OptiMantra’s online Practice Management and EMR is specifically designed to help nurse practitioners start and grow their practices with everything they need to engage, treat, and follow-up with patients.

In one platform, NPs can:

Facilitate patient scheduling through online appointment booking

Engage with patients through secure telehealth, two-way texting, email reminders, and a patient portal

Capture patient progress with customizable intake questionnaires, clickable chart notes, and annotable images

Administer bloodwork and other tests through a robust, integrated lab network and review patient indicators over time with built-in analytics

Prescribe supplements and controlled substances through the e-Prescribing module

Take payment and manage insurance and billing in one central system

The easy-to-use system has all the comprehensive tools needed to support IV hydrations, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), men’s and women’s health, injections, aesthetics, direct primary care, and more.

All Elite NP members will receive 35% off for the first 3 months and then 25% off after that!

Use the code ELITENP22 during the signup process to receive the discount.

Click the link below to schedule a no-obligation demo today:


Here at Elite, we partnered with Bench to help you with your bookkeeping and Accounting needs. Bench gives your business an all-in-one bookkeeping, banking, tax, and advisory solution (without the costly CPA price tag).

Tidy, accurate books 

Applying for a loan? Quarterly tax filings? We complete your books each month, so you always have accurate financials ready to go.

Experts on your side 

Our dedicated team of bookkeepers, tax pros, and small business experts are with you every step of the way. No more running your business alone.

Simple to use anytime, anywhere 

Unlike complicated DIY software, Bench has zero learning curve. Easily sync your bank account and payment platforms, and we handle the rest.

Insights at the push of a button 

See how your business is doing and make smarter decisions with your money every step of the way.

More hours in the day 

We take care of tedious bookkeeping and tax prep, you get more time to focus on growing your business.

Stress-free finances 

No more year end surprises—get your overdue books caught up, taxes filed on time, and access to year round support.

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