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Provide COMPLEMENTARY Services in Your Practice!

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As an astute nurse practitioner entrepreneur who runs their own niche practice, you should know at this point that offering a specialized service to a specific patient population is an excellent way to stand out in a crowded and competitive market. Remember, deliver a specific need to a specific group of people for success. With that said, you MUST be offering complementary services in your practice. Do not offer services that don’t align with each other. It is confusing to patients and makes your practice look like a one stop shop for a bunch of services that target different groups of people. Plus, it is difficult to market.

First and foremost, offering complementary services in your practice is important become it improves patient outcomes, customer satisfaction, and your practices bottom line. By providing additional services that support your patients’ overall health and wellness goals, not only are you delivering the demand, but you improve their overall health while increasing your practices revenue. For example, if you operate a weight loss clinic offering additional services that can help patients accelerate their weight loss journey, help maintain their weight loss, and also optimize their health overall, then you are on the right track. Services like hormone replacement therapy, nutrient injections, and even aesthetics compliment a weight loss practice and enhance the patients’ health and appearance. Providing DOT physicals does not…

In addition to improving patient outcomes, offering complementary services can also boost your practice’s revenue streams. While you may already have a steady stream of income from your primary service (weight loss, HRT, aesthetics, coaching, etc.), adding additional services can create more opportunities for revenue growth which can accelerate your path to financial freedom. For example, if you run a hormone replacement therapy clinic, offering services like IV nutrient therapy or aesthetic procedures can bring in additional revenue and attract new patients who are interested in those services and vice versa. Remember, people who utilize a multitude of the niche services taught in our courses will utilize MANY of those services, not just one.

To determine the right complementary services to offer, consider your patient population and their unique needs. This is why it is important that you UNDERSTAND your patient. You must understand your target demographic. What is their problem? And how can you fix it? Additionally, what are they interested in? What aligns with their personalities? Generally speaking:

People who are interested in weight loss are likely concerned about their appearance.

Men interested in testosterone replacement therapy are likely interested in weight loss.

People who want IV vitamin infusions likely are interested in weight loss and hormone replacement therapy.

People interested in health coaching are likely interested in functional medicine approaches.

People interested in functional medicine are likely interested in IV vitamin infusions.

People interested in treating their opioid addiction are likely also interested in addressing their mental health needs.

And so forth…


People interested in aesthetics are likely NOT interested in opioid addiction treatment.

People interested in IV vitamin infusions are likely NOT interested in acute sick visit care.

People interested in functional medicine approaches to health are likely NOT interested in DOT physicals.

And so forth…

The key here is to provide services that COMPLEMENT each other… not reflect off each other.

People in a weight loss clinic don’t want to see opioid addicts in the lobby, for example.

People in an aesthetics practice don’t want to see sick kids in the lobby, as another example.

I hope you get the picture as I see A LOT of nurse practitioner practice websites that offer a variety of NON-COMPLEMENTARY services and it just doesn’t make any sense. And at the end of the day, it doesn’t serve them well because patients will tell you what they want and your FOCUS will emerge… I offered DPC at my men’s health clinic for a while. It really didn’t compliment it, and it was not successful.

But let’s move on…

So, when choosing complementary services to offer in your niche practice, it’s important to keep your practice’s branding in mind as you must market your services that complement each other. You want to offer services that align with your primary service and enhance the overall patient experience and increase your practices revenue as I explained in the above examples (providing erectile dysfunction therapy in a men’s health clinic ALIGNS with the primary service of TRT).

When getting started or even when you are integrating new services into your practice, it’s also important to consider the logistics of offering additional complementary services. Determine whether you have the resources and space to offer these services. It is hard to provide IV vitamin therapies if your office is only 300 square feet for example. So, be sure you are equipped to offer the additional service line in your practice.

In terms of pricing a plethora of complementary niche medical services, consider offering bundled packages or memberships that provide a discounted rate for multiple services. This can encourage patients to try multiple services and help you generate more revenue. I typically have an over arching “base” rate that includes a primary service like men’s health or medical weight loss, and then any additional service the patient is interested in is provided on an “al a carte” basis. I price these at 30-day supplies. So, in addition to the base monthly rate of testosterone replacement therapy or semaglutide at my men’s health clinic, the patient would be be charged an additional fee for a 30-day supply of a peptide, ED medication, and so forth.

Listen, offering complementary services in a niche practice will improve patient outcomes, increase customer satisfaction, and increase your practices revenue IF they align with your primary FOCUS. You must have an overarching primary FOCUS in your practice, such as IV therapy, HRT, or weight loss, and include additional services that are in demand and fix a specific problem for your patient. Don’t offer services that don’t complement your primary focus! It just doesn’t make sense from a business and branding standpoint.

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  1. Hi, great advice and something that has been weighing on my mind a lot lately. I am in the process of taking the functional medicine course with a goal of opening my own clinic in my town, 3,000 people. My area of focus was going to be on mental health and pain control. Any thoughts or ideas? I was thinking of offering complimentary hot/cold therapy with getting sauna and an ice bath/blanket.

    1. I think mental health and pain control complement eachother. You can’t be healthy from either perspective unless they are both addressed.

    1. Hah, thanks! Stupid grammar/spell check tends to flip some words at times when I am editing articles.

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