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Filing for your LLC is simple. Most people just go through a service like Legal Zoom or another LLC formation company when they are starting their business. Others just do it themselves (myself included, for the most part) on their states Secretary of States website. Check out the step by step guide on starting a business. Regardless of how you do it, you need to assign a registered agent for the LLC. I am often asked “can I just put my name and address down as that registered again?” and my resounding answer is “yes you can, but you shouldn’t!”

First off, what is a registered agent? A registered agent is nothing more than an individual or business entity that accepts tax and legal documents on behalf of your business. That is literally it. This person would receive special documents from the IRS, the state, or god forbid a lawyer that is suing your LLC. Registered agent information is PUBLIC. For this reason, I recommend AGAINST using your personal name and address for your LLCs registered agent.

Why? Because you want to maintain your anonymity and privacy as much as possible. Why? Because if you are sued, the greedy plaintiff’s lawyer is going to do their research on you to determine what you have. Why? Because they want to see how much you are worth. Is it worthwhile to just go after your insurance policy or you personally? If they know your name, they can look you up in county records, see the house you own, determine its value, try to go after it, etc…

Another reason why you SHOULDN’T use your personal information for your LLCs registered agent is because it makes finding out who owns the LLC more difficult. If you are sued, and people know who you are, and they just look up your LLC and see that you are the registered agent, they will put two and two together and determine that YOU own the LLC. Instead, if you use a friend or a registered agent service, it makes finding out who owns the LLC more difficult. It helps maintain YOUR privacy. You want to maintain your privacy, not only because of lawsuits, but because there are CRAZY people out there…

Now, this isn’t EXTREMELY important, but in my opinion and that of many lawyers, it is just one more way to add a layer of complexity to your LLC. Your job is to make the job of anyone wanting to “research” your LLC a pain in the ass. You need to add layers upon layers of complexity to your business. This is why you need multiple LLCs and an asset protection strategy in place if you end up building a successful and profitable practice. Having someone else be your registered agent is just one of MULTIPLE things you need to be doing within your LLC to help maintain your privacy.

This is a short article because it doesn’t need to be long and complex. DO NOT BE YOUR OWN REGISTERED AGENT! End of story.

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  1. As a ‘Nurse Practitioner in NY I was under the impression you had to have PLLC and it had to be in your own name. Does a PLLC have different rules?

    1. Yes, in states like NY, you have to have a PLLC, so the rules around a PLLC are different from state to state….

  2. Hey Justin!
    Not having a clue about this I went ahead formed my LLC and made myself a registered agent- Had no clue about this pearl. What would be your advice moving forward? thanks!

  3. Thank you for this information. I registered my llc in Maryland uses my husband name as the register agent and my home address..Any suggestions on how or what kind of changes should I make.

    1. If he has the same last name, I would advise using someone elses name and a different address. I just use a friends name and address often times. Do you know how often you will get mail to your registered agent? Not often, I have never received mail to my registered agent for any of my businesses…

    1. You don’t need a lawyer for this… Avoid lawyers unless it is absolutely necessary, they are expensive.

  4. Thank you so much. I was recommended to this site by a colleague. I just registered last week for my LLC and used my name as the registered agent. I wish I had seen this earlier.

    I am I’m California, I guess I can change that online.

  5. I am planning on starting a business. I am a NP in NY – do I need a PLLC or an LLC. I want to use this business name as the father business for separate DBA – one for aesthetics and one for my investment property. Knowing this would if be more appropriate to start an LLC or a PLLC?

    1. Doris, in NY you are required to form a PLLC. To my knowledge, you can operate a DBA underneath that but I am not 100% sure as NY is very regulated in terms of their PLLC rules. This is a question I would ask the professional licensing department with the Secretary of State.

  6. I want to open a Functional Medicine Telehealth Practice. I live in NY. I am new to your blog and loving your content. The information about opening up an LLC in Wyoming is brilliant. Would I be able to see patients virtually who live in NY (and myself living in NY) with the Wyoming LLC alone? I am also considering doing medical marijuana and possibly Men’s Health down the road. Would all of these still be safe to do under separate LLCs from Wyoming? Would I only need something NY specific if I saw patients in person in NY? Thank you.

    1. Glad you are enjoying the site! If you are going to be functioning in NYS alone, then you need to operate out of a PLLC in NY. If you were operating out of multiple states, then I would see no issue operating at of a WY LLC.

  7. Hi Justin! I live in Texas. I want to open a telehealth clinic in Minnesota but love the idea of having a Wyoming LLC for an extra blanket layer of protection. I’m confused in which state the attention to the LLC goes first? And then moving forward, will I need an LLC in Wyoming, Texas, and Minnesota?

    1. If you are going to be in multiple states, I would just function under the WY LLC solely. Having an LLC in every state you operate in is what you are “supposed” to do, but it is just a civil issue and by not having an LLC in the state you are operating in, you are just waiving your right to bring on legal action through your LLC in that state. If you do not plan on sueing anyone, then don’t worry about it. This was the advice from my business attorney.

      1. So, if I’m understanding this correctly, if I’m starting a telemedicine practice and live in FL and will be providing services in FL, NM, and AZ then I can form the LLC in WY and leave it at that without forming a second LLC in my home state? Or would it be advisable to still have one in FL too? At some point I want to open a B&M as well, I’m just not there yet.

  8. Do you have a recommendation for a registered agent service? And can you clarify something- in Mass I should form a PLLC but then FILE taxes as an S CORP? Or just register my business as an S CORP from the get go. I am the only employee. Thanks.

  9. Hi Justin,
    I have my NC and NY NP licenses. I live in NC. Since NY has now become “full authority” for NP’s I am going to start Telemed in NY. Should I obtain a Wyoming LLC or do I just apply for a PLLC in NY? Also what address should I use? Thank You!

    1. I think NYS requires a PLLC just FYI. So you will need to go that route if you are solely functioning in NYS.

      You will need to use a virtual address.

  10. Hi Justin,
    Thank you so much for starting this site.
    I just want some clarification. I live in FL, so do I need to register my LLC in WY first, then register in FL and add the WY LLC as the owner? Also, do I need two separate names for the LLCs (WY & FL)?

    1. Correct, you would form the WY LLC and have it own the FL LLC. Same name works if you want. It really doesn’t matter. You can name the WY LLC a bunch of numbers if you wanted. Makes no difference.

  11. Hi Justin,

    I just purchased your course for men’s health. I lived in Nevada, So to have an asset protection. I will apply my parent LLC for nevada and apply another mens health mobile/house call telemedince in Nevada also. Thank you for the clarification

  12. Trying to start an LLC in Montana which requires a physical address to file…
    I still don’t have a physical location/clinic. What do you suggest to use for a physical address? Trying not to use my home address!

  13. Can I create LLC and contract with a practice? They are willing to do 70/30 split in Psychiatry Practice, Cash only. Can I create my own business of 1, with LLC, pay myself salary, file taxes as S-corp? I am in California.

  14. Hi Justin,

    I’m filing an LLC in Texas. I have a few questions about the form.
    1. For the governing authority does either option matter when you are the sole manager for the company? I guess I’m confused on what the member-managed vs manager-managed entails. I would be the only manager for the company.
    2. Can I use my home address for this portion as well as the organizer portion?

    1. Correct, you are the only manager and member. Member is just another fancy word for owner.

      I wouldn’t using your home address for anything if you can… This information is public in TX to my knowledge.

  15. Hi Justin,

    I have filed my Wyoming LCC and now in the process of filing for my home state California for LLC.
    I dont have a physical address for the practice yet. It was mentioned numerous times not to use the home address, in this intance, what can i use as business address.?

    1. You can just use a virtual address. But be aware: CA is the only state in the country that requires nursing corporations if you are seeing patients in CA, not an LLC… Unfortunately, CA just makes it difficult.

  16. Hi Justin! Thank you for all your advice and congratulations on the birth of your baby! Quick question: I’m about to start my own aesthetics and wellness practice in FL (I paid a lawyer to help me but I would like to do some of the stuff myself if I can to reduce costs), for the registered agent, can I write my sister as my registered agent? She has a different last name but is based in California. Does it matter that she doesn’t live in FL where my practice will be based even if I will eventually offer telemedicine to CA and other states i’m licensed in.

    1. You are welcome.

      Yes, you can use your sister if you want. I use my nephews lol.

      The agent must have an address in the state though, that is the only requirement.

      1. Thank you for answering my question. Do you suggest going through Legal Zoom to create an LLC. The representative I spoke with said they can be written down as the registered agent for my business. I can also ask a cousin who doesn’t have the same last name as me who resides in FL if she can be my registered agent.

  17. Thank you Justin for always helping! The comments were helpful but I am still confused. I have a Scorp in the state of NY that I used for my last 1099 job. A lawyer reviewed it and thinks it would be fine to use for the telemedicine business I am creating. Initially the telehealth will see NY residents but I’d also like to add other states CT, FL, MA…etc down the road.
    Do I open a WY LLC and see if that can be the parent company to my scorp?
    Do I open a WY LLC and need to open a PLLC?

    You responded to someone else that opening just a WY LLC would be sufficient but you had also said it’s important to have multiple LLC for added protection. This is all German to me so thank you for helping!

    1. For the startup phase of a telemed practice, I wouldn’t worry too much about asset protection. No need to worry about that until you begin to grow and have $500k+ of liquid networth for someone to take.

      I would just stick to your NY s-corp for the time being.

  18. Hi Justin. I live in NC and I am ready to file for a WY or NV LLC. If I recall correctly, I believe you said to file as a foreign entity in my state? Would that be an LLC or DBA? Also, would the WY or NV LLC affect how I file my taxes and where? Just trying to understand. Thanks.

  19. Looking at filing for a WY LLC. What is the difference between the “Close LLC” and the “LLC” and which do you recommend?

  20. Hi Justin! I just took your Aesthetics course and will be starting your IV course. I am an autonomous NP in VA. I am planning on opening a mobile botox with IV infusion business with a fellow NP. I read that I should start with the LLC in Wyoming and then get on in VA and have the Wyoming LLC be the registered agent and “own the VA LLC”. Would I need to create two business names? Both of us would need to be on both correct? I also read about getting a virtual address-I found one on ipostal for VA. Would that be the one I would use for JUST the LLC in VA. How would I also create a business banking account in Wyoming as a resident in VA?

    1. The registered agent in the state the LLC is located in must be in the state just FYI. So, the WY LLC can’t act as the registered agent. Just use a friend or family member… it doesn’t matter.

      Yes, you can use that virtual address.

      You don’t need to be a resident of a state to open a bank account. You can use nation wide banks like Bank of America or Wells Fargo. Or use a local bank – they typically don’t care about opening LLC accounts for out of state LLCs

  21. Hi Justin. I purchased you Iv infusion clinic course. I live in Tn, but I have an Arkansas license(compact license). Would you say open my llc in Arkansas, but make sure I have business license, permits, & insurances that cover both states? or should i just go ahead and transfer everything to Tn and begin there?

    1. If you are going to operate in TN and see patients in TN, I would just do everything there. Skip Akansas.

  22. Hi Justin! I have a primary care clinic in TN and looking to start telemedicine in Florida and a cash only wellness clinic in TN. I purchased your telemedicine and IV hydration course. Do I start a new clinic in TN for wellness (self pay) then under that clinic start a foreign entity in Florida? Or do I start another clinic in TN for wellness and go to Florida Secretary of State and start a business for telehealth?

      1. Oh okay I was thinking I needed multiple LLCs. I take insurance from primary and want to make sure I separate everything since the wellness clinic has a different name.

  23. If you are just starting out and don’t own a home (or any large assets), would you recommend starting multiple LLCs or is this something that can be done later?

  24. I live in AZ and want to start telemedicine practice. Should I obtain an LLC in AZ or WY. Eventually I may expand to different states but AZ will be primary for now ? thanks

  25. Hi, I am not sure if I am understanding everything. I have UPS box, I am in Ohio. Was going to submit for my LLC, for the registered agent could I just make up a name and then use the UPS box address or do I need an actual real person? Also, if I just start with the LLC in ohio, can I add the WY LLC as the parent company later on or is that something I have to do up front. Thanks for all the info and help you give us all!

    1. I would do it upfront in terms of naming the WY LLC as the parent company. For the registered agent you can use a UPS box, but I would advise using a real persons name. I use my nephews sometimes.

  26. Hi Justin, I am in the process of opening a telemed (Will eventually be Hybrid) weight loss practice in the state of FL. I just got a FL LLC and used myself as the registered agent:( I can update to my sister who is in FL with a different last name. Do you advise I still open a WY LLC and list them as the owner of the FL LLC? Also, who would I used as the registered agent in WY?

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