Sale Ends Tomorrow on The Online Coaching and Consulting Business Course!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has gone through the course so far! I have heard nothing but positive feedback and multiple nurse practitioners have already emailed me stating they are starting the process of getting their own coaching business up and running. Well done for taking action so quickly! If you follow the advice in the course, I am 100% confident you can start a SUCCESSFUL online coaching and consulting business that can result in a healthy side income!

Reminder: The discount price for the The Online Health Coaching and Consulting Course ends TOMORROW! This course will be on sale for only $399 until tomorrow at 11:59pm PST, then after that the price will increase to $499 indefinitely. If you are looking for a high-demand, low liability, location independent business that can be done in ANY state from ANYWHERE, then consider online coaching and consulting!

To recap:

After multiple requests and need for clear direction within the nursing community, The Elite Nurse Practitioner is proud to announce the release of The Online Coaching and Consulting Business Course! This course is designed to assist you with building a powerful online coaching and consulting business, regardless of your focus and specialty! What I will teach you in this course can be used for health coaching to life coaching to even healthcare consulting. All the principles are the same, and I am going to show you how to do this the CORRECT way, so you too can build a six-figure online consulting business like I have created for myself!

Online coaching and consulting are MULTI-BILLION dollar industries that continue to rapidly grow. More and more people are looking to health and life coaches for clear direction to improve their overall quality of life. In addition, more and more individuals and organizations need consultants to assist with professional matters. This is where the nurse practitioner and registered nurse can step in to utilize their knowledge and skills to deliver the need in this expanding and HIGH DEMAND industry.

This course will provide the nurse practitioner, or even registered nurse, the information, steps, and direction on how to build a SUCCESSFUL online coaching and/or consulting business that can be done on YOUR TERMS! That is right, you can do coaching and consulting while sitting on a beach in Costa Rica to anyone in the world! Another great aspect of online coaching and consulting is that it can be started for very little! It truly is one of the cheapest businesses a nurse practitioner or registered nurse can start.

Did you know there are no regulations surrounding coaching and consulting? So, what does this mean for the astute nurse practitioner entrepreneur? A way to utilize your knowledge and expertise so you can help ANYONE in ANY state FREE from regulation and collaboration. That is right! Anyone can do this free from their licensure, but you need to be very careful not to cross the line and use your license on accident. For this reason, I will teach you what you need to know so you do not cross that line. No one wants to get in trouble over something that is preventable, and I am going to walk you through what you need to know to ensure you are coaching and consulting correctly being a licensed professional! There is no other coaching course on the market that is tailored specifically for the nursing community until now!

Ask yourself:

How nice would it be to make a healthy side income that can be done remotely and independent of your location?

How nice would it be to help countless clients with their health, relationship, lifestyle, nutritional, or even financial needs free from regulation and collaboration?

How nice would it be to deliver your expertise to anyone in any state at any time?

How nice would it be to work remotely from anywhere in the world providing coaching and consulting services?

All of these are possible through an online coaching and/or consulting business!

This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to get started, even if you have ZERO experience with coaching, consulting, or operating an online business.

This course is designed to walk you through the steps of building and marketing a successful online coaching/consulting business in addition to creating quality content and building an online audience! I will also walk you through the steps of the coaching and consulting process, so you can deliver quality value to your clients in a proven stepwise fashion. I have broken down the coaching and consulting process to make it simple and easy to learn!

You will learn:

  • The difference between the coach, the consultant, and being a licensed healthcare professional.
  • The legal and regulatory considerations of being licensed and providing coaching and consulting services. Including HIPAA considerations!
  • How to safely provide coaching and consulting services while holding a license so you don’t get in trouble practicing outside of your scope or in a state without a license.
  • The liabilities of coaching.
  • How to create an online business from scratch including LLC formation.
  • How to automate as many processes as possible within your online business.
  • Which applications and software are necessary for an online coaching/consulting business.
  • How to create services, memberships, and packages.
  • How to price your services and packages.
  • How to create an awesome coaching/consulting website, including step by step instruction for EACH PAGE on your website (home page, about page, success stories, etc.).
  • How to successfully market and promote your coaching/consulting business.
  • How to build an online audience (this is one of the most CRITICAL aspects of a coaching business!).
  • How to create and deliver valuable content to your audience.
  • How to build an email list.
  • How to onboard potential clients and the initial intake process of coaching and consulting.
  • How to structure the coaching and consulting sessions.
  • How to utilize scripted questions to enhance the coaching and consulting interview process with your client.
  • How to create an action plan for your client to increase their chances of success, which ultimately leads to your success!
  • How to create a referral program and how to obtain reviews to strengthen your online business.
  • How to operate a successful and profitable online business.
  • And much, much more! 

This course will also include all the supplemental documentation you need including consents for both coaching and consulting (they are different), intake forms, an action plan template, and also a coaching and consulting process handbook! This course provides EVERYTHING you need to get started. The only thing I cannot provide you is the courage to get started so you can create a positive change in your life!

There are over 5 hours of video content where I cover a 170-slide presentation in detail about EVERYTHING I have learned building The Elite Nurse Practitioner consulting business! You will also have audio files you can stream so you can learn on the go while you are driving or in the gym!

If you are looking for a high-demand, non-regulated, low liability, and location independent income source, then you need to take this course! Creating a part-time online coaching and/or consulting business is a FANTASTIC way to diversify your income streams and allows you to work on YOUR TERMS! It truly is one of the best side hustles you can start to increase your freedom while utilizing the specialized knowledge you have developed through your countless years of school and practice. So, what are you waiting for? Get your online coaching business started today!

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