Should You Have Pricing On Your Practices Website?

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I get asked this question very often and the answer is “it depends.” Most nurse practitioner entrepreneurs think that adding pricing for services on their website is a requirement, but it is not. Is it a good idea? In some circumstances. It comes down a multitude of various factors:

  1. How expensive are your services?
  2. Who is your target market?
  3. Are your cheap prices the selling point of your practice?
  4. How convenient are your services?
  5. Is this telemedicine? Do they schedule online?
  6. Is this a treat and street type practice?

These are the 6 questions you need to ask yourself when determining if adding pricing to your website is a good idea or not.

How expensive are your services?

Most people are cheap, they just are. If your services are more on the expensive side, I would err on the side of caution adding your prices to your website. Why? Because it could put off potential patients right at the start.

Let us say for example that you want to start a hormone replacement clinic. You determine that the price of the initial evaluation is $200, follow up visits are $100, and the hormones themselves are $50 a month. This is a pretty standard pricing scheme and very reasonable when considering your competitors. The issue comes down to people being cheap. They have not determined that the service you are providing them is VALUABLE to their life yet. Therefore, if they see a price of $200 on your website, they might automatically say “that is to expensive” and click off your website. You have lost this patient forever.

On the other hand, if there was no pricing listed on the site, that same patient would call your office and inquire about it. This is good! This is what you want! This is the time that you sell them your service. You must discuss with them the benefits of the service you offer, build trust with them, and demonstrate that you are providing them VALUE. A simple 5-minute conversation will turn the “that is to expensive” mindset into “hell, $200 is pretty reasonable!”

I had pricing on my men’s health and testosterone clinics website as an experiment for a month well into the practice’s life. Do you know what happened? Calls decreased. They saw the pricing and forever were lost. I deleted the pricing page from my site, and do you know what happened? I started receiving more calls from the website again. My medical assistant is very good at providing VALUE to the patients when they call. He discusses that insurance will not cover for these services if your testosterone level is >300, that other men’s health clinics charge double the price, and that we are their concierge men’s health clinic. The percentage of people calling that actually follow though and be seen by this interaction is around 50%. That is a pretty good conversion rate for a cash based niche practice. You must “sell” the patients your niche service sometimes. The information on your website alone is not enough for many people to pull the trigger and schedule an appointment.

Who is your target market?

This is HUGE. Identifying your target market is one of the most CRITICAL aspects of marketing your practice. If you do not have a target market identified, then you seriously need to reconsider your clinic idea.

Your target market tells you a plethora of information about your potential patient. Are they educated? What are their income levels? What are their hobbies? And so forth…

If you have an educated and higher seriocomic target market, then listing the prices on your site is probably not a big deal. But if your target market is in a lower socioeconomic class, then listing your prices might not be a good idea because of what I explained above.

Also, some target markets are more impulsive than others. The transgender community and individuals who consume medical cannabis tend to be more impulsive. They will schedule the appointment regardless if the price is listed or not because it “feels good” at that moment. So, consider this as well.

Are your cheap prices the selling point of your service?

If one of the main selling points of your niche side practice are the cheap prices you offer, you better list them on your site!

My medical cannabis clinic offers the cheapest prices in town. Therefore, the pricing is transparent and available for patients. If you are wanting to offer cheap and convenient telemedicine sick visits, then one of your selling points is that the sick visit is cheaper than your co-pay! Make sure you list that price on your site.

How convenient are your services?

If you are offering fast and quick services, then listing your price on your site is a good idea. For example, if you are offering medication refills via telemedicine, then it would be wise to offer the pricing on your website. This is a fast-economic exchange. They book an appointment, you give them a refill, and that is it. It takes 5-10 minutes and should not cost more than a standard co-pay.

If your goal is to provide convenient care, then consider listing the price of your service on your site. The patient is looking for convenience, not a headache. If they have to call you inquiring about the price, you have just made their life less convenient. Remember that!

Is this telemedicine? Do they schedule online?

If the patient schedules their appointment online through your site, it would be wise to list the prices. The last thing you want is for a patient to schedule an appointment, and then when the appointment comes around, they cannot afford it because they had no idea it was going to be so expensive.

Most telemedicine practices will allow for online scheduling, so it would be wise to list your pricing if patients have the ability to schedule online.

Is this a treat and street type practice?

If you typically just see a patient one time and never again or very infrequently, you have a treat and street type practice. Urgent care, medical cannabis evaluations, and sick visits are treat and street type practices. Again, patients are looking for convenience, therefore it would be wise to add your prices to your website.

One of the selling points of my medical cannabis practice are the cheap prices I offer. It also happens to be a treat and street type practice. I see the person one time for the evaluation and then once a year for their renewal. Patients want to know how much this yearly encounter will be, so having the prices on my site is an absolute requirement.

If you are treating people for a quick sick visit via telemedicine, they are going to want to know the price. This is a one-time encounter, so make sure it is listed on your site!

Consider these factors when determining if you should list your prices on your website. It ultimate is a marketing play and something you need to put thought into. It could make the difference with increasing your patient volume!

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