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Step by Step Guide on How to Create a Business

I have received multiple emails from nurse practitioners asking me what is included in the eBook The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model. A common question has been “Will your book give me steps on how to create a business?”

Not necessarily…


Because this information is elementary and straightforward. My book goes over principles to make you successful. The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model will teach you how to build a life of financial and professional freedom as a nurse practitioner. Yes, I go over how to create a business, but creating a business is simple. What is not simple is creating a successful and profitable business that generates tens of thousands of dollars a month. This is what I talk about in the book.

I don’t want people to be angry because I did not discuss how to create the basic legal structure of a business in my book. So, I am going to provide this to you for free because it is straightforward and should not cost anything for the aspiring nurse practitioner entrepreneur. Additionally, in the grand scheme of your business, it doesn’t make that much of a difference. What makes a difference is the niche service you provide, how you market it, and how to structure your life so you can live a freer life.

So, how do you start a business?

1. Create a Limited Liability Company: You are a fool if you do not form a legal structure for your business. You must form a limited liability company (LLC) to operate your business under. This will protect you if something was to happen to your business. The LLC is a separate legal entity and in the eyes of the United States judicial system, it is a separate “person.” You need to create a LLC!

In my opinion and the opinion of many asset protection lawyers, you should create your LLC in states such as Nevada or Wyoming. Why? Because they offer the best corporate protections than any other state. If you were sued, the courts could potentially “pierce the corporate veil” of your LLC. What this means is that the court could throw the protection of the LLC out the window and go after you. Guess what? Nevada and Wyoming offer superior corporate protections. There has never been a “corporate veil” pierced in these states.

In addition, you are completely anonymous as the owner of the business in these states. I own a telemedicine practice. No one has any clue who owns this practice. They can look up the LLC and there are no links to myself because I registered it in Wyoming. So, from a privacy protection point of view, these states are great. Check out the article on how to maintain your privacy in a business HERE.

Well what if you operate your business in a different state like Texas? Register an LLC in Texas and have this Wyoming LLC be the owner of it. This is easy to do. In the operating agreement of your home state LLC you just put the Wyoming LLC as the owner and you as the operating manager. You don’t need to hire a lawyer to do this for you. You literally just add it into the operating agreement. These are generic documents. Also, when you register this LLC in your home state, you just list this Wyoming LLC as the owner and and someone in the state as a registered agent. More about registered agents HERE.

After you have done that, all the money you make in your home state LLC needs to be transferred to the parent LLC checking account in Wyoming. You are totally protected. Let someone sue you! You don’t have anything! If a lawyer went after you, it would take a significant amount of energy and time to pierce this corporate veil in a separate state.

My asset protection lawyer in Wyoming told me they would have to come to Wyoming and file a case in the county your LLC was formed in to pursue you. It basically makes the prosecuting lawyers life a pain in the ass, therefore they drop the case. Remember, lawyers want the easy low hanging fruit. They don’t want to work hard. This is asset protection 101.

This is who I use for my Wyoming LLC’s. They provide you everything you need including articles or organization, operating agreements, a physical address and even an online portal to access your mail. There is a wealth of information on their website too. https://wyomingllcattorney.com/

Also, you will need to select a registered agent for your LLC. More information on that in THIS article.

Additionally, check out this article about how to pay yourself through your LLC HERE. Also, check out this article about the tax advantages of having a business HERE.

2. Obtain an EIN: An EIN is an employment identification number issued by the IRS to corporations. It is essentially a social security number for your LLC. You need this so you can file taxes under your LLC. It also is important because you need this number to open bank accounts, get credit cardsbusiness loans, etc. Get this number, you must have it to start a business. Get it here for FREE (do not pay someone to do this for you…): https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/apply-for-an-employer-identification-number-ein-online

3. Bank account: Have a separate bank account for your LLC’s. You need to keep everything separate from your personal finances when it comes to a business. Now, if you form an LLC in Wyoming, it would be advisable to open an account in Wyoming for ultimate protection. Obviously, this is unrealistic for many people (you could always have a tax deductible business trip to Yellowstone National Park with the purpose of opening this account in Wyoming though). Therefore, go to a local bank in your area and see if you can open an account under this Wyoming LLC. Usually you can. Skip corporate banks like U.S. Bank or Bank of America though. They will not allow you to do this. They will require an LLC be formed in the state you operate in. You might need to shop around with a few local banks. I had too.

Here are a couple other free tips for you. Your personal bank accounts should be in a totally different bank than your business accounts. The same goes with your home state LLC. Make sure this business account is at a separate bank. Thus, you should be using at a minimum 3 different banks. This spreads out your risk and liabilities.

4. State requirements: Some states require you register for separate licenses. These include state tax identification numbers, employer registration numbers, local business licenses, etc. This information is easily found online and usually the processes are simple. You do not need a lawyer or to pay someone to do this for you. If you have an accountant, they should be able to help.

5. Group NPI: If you take insurance, which you shouldn’t in my opinion because patients will pay you cash, you will need a group NPI number. You can go here to get this https://nppes.cms.hhs.gov/#/

For more information about NPI numbers, go HERE.

That’s it guys! If you follow the above steps, you now have a fully functional LLC. There, I just saved you thousands of dollars on unnecessary lawyer fees and other nonsense middle men charge you. I have started every single one of my LLC’s on my own by following the above steps. It is not hard… Get it done so you can begin seeing patients and making money.

The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model is a 143-page eBook that teaches you how to create a successful business and a freer life as a nurse practitioner. I do not go over the steps on how to actually create a business, that would be a disservice to my readers (I just provided that!). Instead I go over the principles of the Elite Nurse Practitioner Model and how to implement this in your life. Topics include:

My personal story and how I got to where I am at.

How to successfully negotiate that perfect job and salary.

How to lower your tax obligations.

How to start a niche cash practice.

How to find your practices niche.

And much more…

The book is also filled with dozens of straight to the point tips and tricks that I have personally learned throughout my career and life. I am confident every single person who reads this book will walk away a more successful nurse practitioner. I guarantee it! If you need step by step instruction on how to open a practice, be sure to check out The Elite Nurse Practitioner Courses!

123 Responses

      1. That’s the plan! Got a couple questions for you. I already live in Nevada so can I create a LLC here and still have privacy? I read another article with telemedicine…. I am on the STRUGGLE BUS to identify a solid niche. Help! Info on this is in the eBook right?

        1. Yes, I go over how to find the niche and service in the upcoming eBook. If you create a LLC in NV or WY, you are anonymous. I recommend WY personally, it is cheaper. What are you thinking in terms of a service with telemedicine?

          1. weight loss
            intergrative wellness
            I’m just not about managing disease. I want to focus on wellness and preventative medicine.

          2. Right, the preventative medicine is very rewarding as well. Remember, do not just provide these generalized services, try to niche it to a specific market. You will do better faster

  1. This is great information, thank you so much! Is there a specific asset protection lawyer that you recommend in Nevada?

    1. I do not know anyone in Nevada. Filing for a LLC in NV is much more expensive compared to WY, which is why I form all mine in WY.

  2. Hi Justin,

    I just bought your ebook and I’m excited to read it. I really need to start a side business, and I’m interested in the men’s health business model, too. This came at the right time in my life. Congratulations to you and on your success.

    (In your marketing eBook, I don’t know if anyone has pointed it out, I noticed a typo on the cover page. Sorry I’m a spelling freak.)

    1. Hi Ellie,

      Thanks for the support! I hope that the book and the course benefit you. Men’s health is a great side business.

      Oh wow, your right… That is bizarre that the book on the download portal has that error. The final copy does not. I fixed it.

  3. Justin,
    Thank you for supplying your wealth of information. I could not agree more with you and the fact that NPs have more power then they will ever know.

    I do have a quick question. So just tried to open a LLC here in Michigan. Named it Magic Medical Group LLC. Thought it was a catchy name. Nonetheless, under what services I will be providing I wrote “provide medical care within scope of a nurse practitioner.” My business was denied because in MI, a nurse practitioner cannot offer medical care without the delegation of a supervising physician…. So is my name wrong for including “Medical” or do I need to change the wording of what service I will be providing?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for your kind words. Wow… that is ridiculous. I would just name is Magic Wellness Group LLC and under services just leave it as “healthcare and wellness” or something vague. When I created my LLC for my CBD store, I just categorized it as “health supplements.”

      1. Thank you once again for your help! Purchased the NP Model and Marketing! Great info! Starting to implement what I am learning and have already informed my current practice to start paying my business once I have it! Looking to start a Men’s Health and TRT very soon!!

        1. Awesome John!!! Good for you brother. Taking action and moving forward, that is what starting a business is all about. Keep us updated!

          1. Hello Justin

            So I followed your advice and changed my business name to “Wellness” and changed to services to “healthcare and wellness.” I was waiting for my approval and well…. once again I was denied!!!

            This is the response “Please note that any reference to “health care” is restricted when filing your Articles of Organization. Health care suggests that you are providing services in a learned profession, in which case it must organize as a professional limited liability company pursuant to Article 9, Act 23 of 1993. If you are attempting to form a professional limited liability company, you may use form CSCL/CD-701. If this is not a professional limited liability company, modify the purposes in Article II so that it does not imply the limited liability company is providing a service in a learned profession.”

            Can you please advise. This is ridiculous. Thank you for your help in advance

          2. It sounds like your state requires you to have a PLLC! Just file it as a PLLC or file for a LLC out of state and just register as a foreign entity in your state (that might be a work around). That really sounds like your only options.

  4. Thanks again! Just reapplied and once again will be waiting….. Hopefully with an approval and then will get tax EIN!

    1. Yep, get the EIN, open an account, and you are pretty much set. Make sure to get a generic operating agreement online, a simple google search will provide that.

    2. hi John and Justin,
      did you ever get an answer to this? I am in MA currently and i am trying to figure out if i need a PLLC or a regular LLC. it is pretty confusing bc it says anyone who has a license and is operating under a license would need a PPLC. however, i have friends who have medspas with IV bars and they just have a regular LLC. Any thoughts?

  5. “After you have done that, all the money you make in your home state LLC needs to be transferred to the parent LLC checking account in Wyoming” is this as literal as it sounds? every week do a direct deposit of money into an account in WY? TY!

  6. I have an LLC in my home state already. Is it possible to edit it so that I can set up LLC in Nevada or Wyoming and arrange it to be the owner of my home state LLC, like you described above?

    1. Yes that should not be difficult to do. You would just change the owner/member of the LLC to the WY LLC, with you managing it. You can do this in the operating agreement of the LLC and with the secretary of state!

  7. So the wonderful State of Michigan denied my PLLC because I am a nurse practitioner and not a doctor…. Ok, so I called them and turns out because I put Healthcare in my Article II it becomes a professional LLC which a nurse practitioner can not create. So dumb but fine. Turns out all I had to do was change the Article II to “Wellness” and then it should be approved. Hope this information will help others in the future! Purchased the Men’s Health Program and am trying to get it up and running soon!

    1. That is absolute insanity… That is the government and lobbying efforts from the physicians for you… Everything has to be exactly by the book. Anyways, best of luck and keep us updated on your progress!!

  8. Hello Justin,

    I am exploring the idea of starting a telemedicine practice, I am still unsure about my niche. But here is my question: When applying for malpractice insurance, is it best to apply as individual or as NP group? and if I plan to see patients in 2 or 3 different states, do I need a separate insurance plan for each state?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Larissa!

      Finding your niche can be difficult, here is a tip that I discuss in the marketing course: Identify a group of patients (your target market) and figure out something that plagues these individuals or is a real issue in their life. If you can figure that out, you have found your niche!

      You only need a personal professional policy. This should follow you in any state you want to practice in, but make sure when you apply for it you disclose you will be practicing in multiple states. The carrier might not provide coverage in a certain state. Let me know if you have any questions.

        1. Correct, just a personal policy is usually all you want. You will have to talk with your malpractice carrier and see if they can add your medical director as an endorsement.

  9. Hello,
    I recently started an LLC in WY but living in TX and I have been hired and they gave me a W-9 form to fill out as an independent contractor. I am confused at how to answer these questions. The first line has name: (as shown on income tax return) Required. The second line is the business, but do I put my personal name?
    Thank you

    1. Ya, you will just put your personal name on it and then your LLCs name. Ultimately, the taxes are just passed onto your personal return at the end of year.

  10. Thank you, I recently found out that TX requires us to register our LLC as a foreign entity in the state. So, I have been seeing so many mixed reviews on whether or not it is worth it to pay taxes and varies costs in two different states. I have been struggling on keeping it or letting it dissolve and forming it in TX. What is your thoughts?

    1. If you file for a parent LLC in WY, there are no taxes there. You pay no state or income taxes there, that is another beautiful thing about that. It is ultimately up to you… The LLC in TX should protect you regardless, the only reason for a parent company is to provide another layer of protection. If you are just going to form one small clinic, then its not necessary, if you plan on expanding/growing, then it would be wise.

      1. One of the most confusing parts for me is figuring out the different state laws. I wanted to share this, if allowed, because I almost paid 750 for a foreign LLC instead of 300. I just listed the owner of my TX LLC as my WY LLC and they approved it.

        Thank you for contacting the Texas Secretary of State. A foreign entity registers when it transacts business in Texas. If you formed a new Texas entity and it is transacting business in Texas, it would a Texas entity. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

        Summer Thomas

        Attorney, Business & Public Filings Division

        Office of the Texas Secretary of State


  11. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I live in Nevada and trying to start my LLC. I put entity as owner and will file DBA. Is this necessary? Also do you know anything about non compete clause in contracts? I am still employed but there is this non compete clause?

    1. You are welcome! You don’t need to file a DBA if the name of the LLC is the same name as the clinic you are going to open. The entity will be the owner if you are using a different LLC to own it, if not, you are the owner.

      Non competes are hardly enforceable… I personally don’t worry about them. If you are starting your own business and it does not provide the same services as your employer, then don’t worry about it.

  12. Hi Justin,
    I registered for a solo practice and created a P.C. (prof corporation) not fully understanding all of the nuances. Now I realize I should have formed a PLLC, mainly because of the additional expenses involved with a PC, ie double taxation, filing separate tax returns for the business every year and other administrative cost involved. Can I change the PC to a PLLC? or is it too late, I have not even opened up the business and the expenses keep piling on. Last question, what are your thoughts about an S-Corp, is it worth while even if the business has not broken even?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Just start a new legal entity and don’t worry about it. Scrap the corporation. Just go with an LLC and elect as an S-Corp for tax purposes.

  13. Hello Justin,
    How does DEA registration work with tele-practice? Would you use you WY registered address as your mailing address? Would your practice address be your home address since there’s no physical practice location? Thanks.

    1. You would just register the DEA number under a virtual address in the state you want to practice in. That is what a DEA spokesperson told us over the phone. I would use the WY address you registered your LLC under as the mailing address.

  14. So if I reside in California, but plan to obtain an Arizona license and operate a telehealth company for AZ residents, where do I form the LLC’s? Do I get an LLC in California and a parent LLC I’m Wyoming and nothing in Arizona? …. Thank you so much for the help!!

  15. I’m wondering about EIN numbers. Do I need one for my LLC in WY and a second one for my foreign LLC in another state? I am thinking yes, because you suggest having bank accounts for each LLC in each state, and the bank requires EIN numbers.

    1. Foreign LLCs are typically just an extension of your LLC, therefore they will use the same EIN. If you are forming a separate LLC and just have your WY LLC own it, then the separate LLC will need a different EIN. Personally, I would just have separate LLCs and have the WY LLC own the separate LLCs. This provides you another layer of protection.

      1. When applying for a separate EIN for my secondary LLC, I had my WY LLC be the parent company as you suggested. Is it safe for me to use my name and SSN for the IRS application for the secondary LLC? I used my stuff for the WY LLC but since WY is a great business state, I figured it would safe. But my secondary LLC is in Texas. Your advice is much appreciated!

  16. Thanks, Justin. If I have two separate LLCs, and the WY LLC owns my home state LLC, do I operate them both as S-Corps? In that case, which LLC pays my salary? And what about owner’s draws? If the WY LLC is the owner of the home state LLC, and the home state LLC transfers money to the WY LLC’s bank account, is that considered an owner’s draw, and the WY LLC is taxed on that? Then I withdraw it from the WY bank account and pay taxes on that as my owner’s draw? Sounds messy and expensive. Am I overthinking this? 🙂

    1. You can just operate the home state LLC as S-Corp and pay yourself directly from it. Anything left over can be transfered to the parent LLC for safe keeping and would be considered an owners draw which is free from employment taxes. Ultimately, your tax return will be the same as LLCs are just pass through entities. The taxes pass through to your personal return. You are overthinking this 🙂 Just pay yourself a reasonable salary from the LLC that is elected as an S-Corp and anything left over just transfer to your parent LLC as an owners draw. Your accountant will take care of the rest in terms of taxes.

  17. I am considering a pseudo-partnership with another NP. By pseudo, I mean, we will share space, split rent, utilities etc and perform the same services but I want the financials separate. You get what you earn basically. My first question is, What are your thoughts on this model? and secondly, Can 2 people with 2 different LLCs work under the same DBA?

  18. So I was just hired for a 1099 contract position as an NP and then realized I probably need to open an LLC to protect my assets in case of a lawsuit… and reduce my task burden. In terms of protecting assets is this necessary in this instance? And if the hospital group I will be working for has already credentialed me under my name and person NPI does that mean I can’t have them pay me as an LLC/PLLC anyway?


    1. Having an LLC for a 1099 is not really going to protect you in any meaningful way… It is mostly for tax purposes. They can pay your LLC regardless how you are credentialed. That doesn’t matter.

  19. They say there’s no silly questions but I believe there’s exceptions to every rule.
    How in the world do I print this article? Is there a pdf version? I just want this page, this article.

    1. Paula,

      Just right click anywhere on this page and select print… Or copy the text, put it into a word document, and print it.

  20. Hello and thank you for the information. I have recently accepted a 1099 telehealth position. I will be working in Wisconsin and the patients will be in Wisconsin. So do I just need the LLC in Wyoming? What do I need to file for Wisconsin? This is very overwhelming for me.

  21. Hi!

    I have a question perhaps you could help me with. I currently reside in a restricted state TX. I understand Wyoming doesn’t form PLLCs, but a PLLC is required in Texas. Am I able to form the “parent” LLC in Wyoming, and a Texas PLLC under it? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!

    1. Angela,

      To my knowledge, TX does not require a PLLC. I know many NPs that operate under an LLC just FYI. But you cannot have a PLLC owned by a parent company, it has to be with you…

  22. Hello! I am trying to decide btwn Nevada and Wyoming for my S-corp and I keep getting tripped up on the minor details. I was thinking to go with NV so I applied for a virtual address and found out it needs to be in my name and send notarized docs. Wouldn’t anyone be able to search the address and find my name listed and put it together if the business address is the same. How do you protect your privacy in this case?

    1. Pretty much, which is why I say go with WY and the LLC creation service I recommend in our GPO at the top of the page. Totally private.

      1. thank you! I am planning to start a staffing agency…so technically I would not be providing medical services directly but providing employment opportunities. All of it will be pretty much virtual and we’d be staffing in different states…do I also need an LLC in my home state along with a second LLC in Wyoming as the owner or can I just operate via one single Wyoming LLC for this business?

  23. Do you have to open a PC or PLLC in NY state? Or can you operate under an LLC or S-Corp as a nurse practitioner having your own practice? I know in NY you can apply through the Education Dept for PC/PLLC designation of your professional services business but is it required you do it that way or can I run my own practice under an S-Corp?

      1. Thank you for your response, I am also going to check with a business attorney, my accountant said I can do it under an S-Corp I just dont want any issues!!

          1. Yes you are right so I am in the process of getting a PC here in NY with S-Corp tax election. Do you know once your PC is formed do you need a business license also?

  24. The info provided here is the key. I just bought 4 of your courses since I’m preparing to engage in business. I still have some questions that I hope I can get answered ASAP. Any business consultant for RN/NP you can recommend?

    1. No need to use a consultant right now. Seriously, take the courses FIRST. The majority of your questions, if not all of them, will be answered. Save yourself the money right now. We can always do a free podcast episode if you want.

  25. If we must use a PLLC due to state requirements (Washington State), can the parent company LLC (presumably an LLC holding company in Wyoming) own the PLLC? As in my Wyoming LLC owns the PLLC in WA to do business (wellness/mens health clinic) in WA?

    1. Actually it looks like you answered this already above that a PLLC cannot be owned by an LLC. However, I am confused as to whether or not a Provider HAS to have PLLC if they are going to also work in the clinic or if it can just be an LLC.

  26. Getting ready to pull the trigger on forming an LLC in WY…if doing telemed in multiple states, do we need LLCs in each? PLLCs? And I know we need an NP license in each state, but I saw a post mentioning a specified telehealth licensing in certain states even if you’re a licensed NP? Looking for a little clarity…thanks!

    1. Just the LLC in WY is fine. Most states don’t require any telemed licenses as long as you are licensed there as an NP.

  27. RE: bank accounts. I have a personal credit card with chase and was planning on opening their business credit card for my business once I have my LLC and EIN since they have a really good points system, or would you advise against that even if I don’t have a bank account with them?

    1. You dont need a bank account with them. YOu need a business bank account wherever and also a business credit card. Where you have those things doesnt matter.

  28. Can you write off a business trip if it is paid for by your personal account? Is this considered comingling? Since in this case I would be traveling to WY to set up said biz account…

  29. Hi. I purchased your iv vitamin and injection course. This is where I want to start. Eventually I would like to add weight loss and aesthetics, maybe HRT. I would like to name the business “…….. Aesthetics and Wellness”. But starting with only iv therapy, I want a more direct name to advertise such as “…….. iv vitamins and hydration.” When you say you can list what you offer in the subtitle, do you mean the LLC name or on your website? Would it be okay to keep the LLC broad incase my plans change? Then when I create the website list IV vitamins, weight loss, and cosmetic injections in the subtitle? And if I added HRT or other services I could add that to the subtitle on the website?

    Thanks for your help.

  30. I need some clarity concerning the depositing of money. If the parent LLC is in WY does that mean that the banking must be done in WY? I want to keep my finances as simple as possible. Setting up bank accounts in 2 states and diverting funds in different directions sounds complicated. I read above about owner draws and paying yourself through that. Could you please simplify the banking process while running 2 LLC’s? Thanks, and your IV course is excellent!

    1. No need to complicate it. Just bank at a nationwide bank that allows you to open bank accounts for multiple LLCs regardless of state, like bank of america.

  31. Hello,
    I was reading the article and had a question: I already have an LLC before I was privy to the information of having a Wyoming LLC as the owner. So, when I register a Wyoming LLC, what business name do I use?
    thanks in advance

  32. So I stupidly named my TX LLC under my name. This was before I read your article. There is no way to change the name of my LLC right? I would have to pay and start this whole process all over again and discontinue my original LLC?

    Thank you

  33. For those having to form PLLC, do we need to include our supervising physician as a member of our PLLC?
    It seems that in TX I have to be a PLLC to operate.
    However, if I don’t plan to prescribe narcotics, do I really need to have a PLLC?

    1. Most NPs in TX that I have spoken with just function out of an LLC…. Just don’t include “medical” in the name of the business and you don’t need to include your supervisor as a member.

  34. For those planning to establish an LLC and collaborating with a physician, what are your thoughts on getting group liability insurance coverage vs. malpractice insurance OR get both?

  35. Justin, if a Collaborating MD already has MP Insurance through his employer (a corporation), would he need a separate MP policy, then? Or is it enough for just me to get one? I understand that his policy would not want to cover him if I had an issue.

  36. Hi Justin,

    Would it be best to apply for a separate NPI for an LLC? I recently signed a 1099 contract using my LLC and I still have my FT W2 job. Eventually I want to start my own business. I’m not too sure how having 2 NPIs work.

  37. Hi Justin,

    I am in the process of creating a Telehealth company focusing on mens health (cash practice) and I am trying to figure out how and where should I open an LLC.
    Background: I currently reside in California and I have a license in CA/NV/AZ
    Options: This is where it gets confusing, do I open Wyoming LLC and not open an LLC in CA/NV/AZ? I saw in the comments above, you mentioned it would be fine to create a Wyoming LLC and be able to practice CA/AZ/NV or do I need to create a Wyoming LLC which will own the California PLLC/AZ PLLC/NV PLLC? Would I need a collabriating physician for CA?

      1. Awesome. So if I don’t want to want to see patient in CA, I can create a WY LLC I should be fine to see patients in AZ/NV?

  38. I’ve been reading everything I can about business set up and am still confused!
    Established WY LLC and EIN
    Followed the article recommendation to establish Foreign LLC in MT. There was nowhere on the application to list WY as owner or allow a new business name. Called SOS and can submit DBA name separately. Just received a Certification of Filing for Foreign LLC, but doesn’t appear create a new LLC just extends the WY LLC. Unclear why this was recommended.

    Perhaps I did this wrong so I just looked through an application for a brand new MT LLC and again no where available to list owner as WY LLC just listed myself and partner as managers. I know I need to submit an Operating Agreement stating WY LLC as owner but otherwise there is no other official way to list it on the application. Any help would be appreciated, what am I missing?

    1. A foreign LLC application should have asked for the parent LLC name: so I have no idea what you setup exactly.

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