“You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others.”

The 25% Off Memorial Day Weekend Sale On All Courses Starts NOW!

Announcing The Elite Nurse Practitioner Memorial Weekend Sale!

To show my appreciation and love for the nurse practitioner community, all The Elite Nurse Practitioner courses are 25% off until May 31st at 11:59pm EST! You can purchase one or purchase them all, you decide. Be aware though, that there will be no bundle deals for courses during this weekend sales event as everything is already discounted.

The sale will be for the entire Memorial Day Weekend and starts RIGHT NOW! Act fast though, I have only activated THIRTY 25% off coupon codes.

Use the coupon code NP25 at checkout on whichever course you want for the 25% off! You need to use the code on EACH course you would like.

Every single one of you has the power and ability to start a part-time side practice. The only thing stopping you is the fear present in your mind! Once you can break free from these limiting beliefs, then you can create the nurse practitioner life who have always dreamed about!

I also wanted to give everyone a heads up on our 2 upcoming courses over the next 8 weeks! We are FINALLY releasing 2 courses that many of you have been requesting:

The Aesthetics and Botox Clinic Course

The Dermatology and Cosmetic Skin Care Course

Both of these courses are designed to help the nurse practitioner integrate IN DEMAND cosmetic and anti-aging skin care services and products into their practice or to help you start your own aesthetics practice from scratch! So, keep your eyes open for the announcements on these courses! They are both very in depth and contain a plethora of actionable material.

Until then though, snatch up one of the currently available courses until the sale ends on May 31st!

God Bless, and I hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend!

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