The 30% End Of Year Sale On All Courses!

Announcing The Elite Nurse Practitioner End of The Year Black Friday Sale!

To show my appreciation and love for the nurse practitioner community, all The Elite Nurse Practitioner courses are 30% off until December 31st! You can purchase one or purchase them all, you decide. Be aware though, that there will be no bundle deals in the month of December as everything is already significantly discounted.

If you have some extra CME money or need a tax deduction before the year ends, then be sure to take advantage of the sale. All courses provide a certificate of completion that you can submit for reimbursement or keep for tax deduction purposes. The end of the year means TAX TIME for the nurse practitioner entrepreneur, so if you are sitting on some extra business revenue, why not invest it into learning a new skill to implement into your business for 2021?

The sale will be for all of December and starts today! Act fast though, I have only activated one hundred 30% coupon codes.

Use the coupon code ELITE30 at checkout for the 30% discount!

Every single one of you has the power and ability to start a part-time side practice. Why not put the year of 2020 behind you and make 2021 the best one yet and get that business started!

Remember, The Elite Nurse Practitioner has a multitude of new courses planned for the new year, starting with The Investment and Financial Independence Course where I cover how to sustainably invest and become financially independent. Other courses include:

The Complete Medical Billing Guide

The Ketamine Infusion Clinic

The Allergy Clinic

The Opioid Addiction Clinic

The Foot and Wound Care Clinic

The Oxygen Bar

The Direct Primary Care Practice

The How to Open a Psychiatric Practice

The Med Spa and Aesthetics Practice

And more!

Until then though, snatch up one of the available courses until the sale ends on December 31st!

God Bless, and I wish you and your family a Happy Holiday!

2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Are the courses already marked down? Or, is it an additional 30% off the listed price. The womens course is listed as $499 is it 350 after 30% discount

    1. Hello Lisa,

      The courses are not marked down, the discount is applied at checkout with using the ELITE30 code. So yes, the women’s health course will go from $499 to $350.

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