The Elite NP Black Friday 30% Off Any Course Special Starts NOW!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Elite Nurse Practitioner Black Friday sale starts right now! All courses will be 30% off. Pick one or pick four, it is totally up to you! The 30% discount will be applicable until 11/27 at 11:59pm PST! Simply use the code NP30 at checkout! (Be aware, there is no cart system, so check out separately on each course using the code for 30% off!. The discount does not apply to bundles.).

Starting Cyber Monday, we will be having a special buy one course and get The “How to Lower Your Taxes!” Course for FREE, which is a $499 value, in addition to a free Elite NP coffee mug of your choice. I want every single one of my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers to understand how to lower the BIGGEST EXPENSE in their life, which is why I am giving away this course for FREE starting on 11/28 and ending 11/29 at 11:59pm PST. Start your 2023 with a solid plan to lower your legal tax obligations. You should not blindly follow your accountants advice on how to lower your taxes as most of them are not aware of all the legal tax deductions legally afforded to business owners! This course provides you that knowledge!

My mission is to help create a group of nurse practitioners that are wealthy, powerful, and professionally fulfilled. It is time that we begin changing the trajectory of our profession, and there is no better way than through NP entrepreneurship! It truly is the path to autonomous practice and career satisfaction. I want every one of you to earn what you are worth, and I hope this special Black Friday promotional sales event will help you get there!

To summarize:

11/25-11-27: 30% Black Friday promotion on ALL courses.

11/28-11/29: Buy any course (of equal value) and receive The “How to Lower Your Taxes!” Course for free WITH a free Elite NP coffee mug of your choice.

I hope this sales event helps everyone create a positive change in their life for 2023! And remember, never let limiting beliefs or the fear of failure stop you from pursuing your dreams!

With love,

Justin Allan

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