The Elite NP Podcast Episode 80: A Business is the Best Investment

Today we’ll be talking to Ryan, a Family N.P. He’s currently working full-time in a primary care clinic. He wants to start his own practice focusing on men’s health and eventually grow it into a more generalized practice. He needs assistance with the initial steps of opening a practice and how to market it effectively.

On this episode we talk about a very important topic, being afraid of investing in your business. It’s an unfounded fear. There’s no other investment out there that will yield the same returns as opening your own practice. Following the N.P model, working hard and smart on your business has the best return on investment, you have to trust and invest on yourself.

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2 Responses

  1. Great episode. This one brought up a couple questions as I was listening.
    You mentioned prescribing the HRT (or another med for that matter) via a couple models such as either calling it in to a regular pharmacy or via the compounding pharmacy. If a Provider hypothetically has full time employment and lets say already works in an Urgent Care/Primary Care traditional model and is “credentialed” with insurances for that practice and now calls in/or prescribes medication to a regular pharmacy via their part time HRT/TRT side gig, wether it is TRT or any other med (lets say a BP med), and the Pt goes in and wants to now use their insurance to pay for that medication, are there any issues with this? Since the Provider is prescribing via their cash based side gig versus prescribing it from one of those credentialed facilities? I guess what I am getting at, is there any issue with being a cash based side gig and calling in medications that patients would like to use their insurance to pay for the medication, however you are only credentialed with insurances via your W2 employment somewhere else?

    1. Nope, makes no difference. You can call in whatever you want to a pharmacy and not be credentialed and their insurance could pay for it.

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