The Elite NP Preferred Vendor Organization is Now Live!

The Elite Nurse Practitioner is proud to announce the release of The Elite Nurse Practitioner Preferred Vendor Organization! This is similar to a GPO (group purchasing organization), but we decided to stay away from that model due to regulatory nonsense and administrative burden.

Instead, we created a preferred vendor list open to all nurse practitioners who own their own practice or who are in the process of starting one! And the best part is that there is no application, approval process, or contractual obligations that are found in a typical GPO. You can simply pick and choose from whatever vendor you want or need to help your practice succeed.

Now, this program is still in development. We are still in discussions with multiple other medical suppliers and pharmacies, so please be patient as we secure more and more vendors to help all my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers break free. We will be announcing the addition of new vendors as they on board, but we wanted to go ahead and launch this list as we have secured the bulk of our vendors.

The goal of our preferred vendor list is to provide you discounted and QUALITY services and products to help launch your practice or to help your current practice succeed! And again, there are no contractual obligations on your end, and this is totally risk free. I wanted to keep this as simple as possible following one of the main philosophies of The Elite Nurse Practitioner: keeping things simple!

We have compiled a list of vendors that are offering all Elite NP members discounts and quality services for:

Medical supplies


Compounding pharmacies

Website development and SEO

Medical insurance billing/credentialing


Health insurance for the small business owner

LLC creation and legal services surrounding asset protection

Radiology services

Payment processing

Business phone


Bookkeeping and accounting services

Like I mentioned earlier, we will be adding more vendors as time goes on and I will definitely let everyone know!

Please visit the following link and reach out to any of the vendors that you might need.

I hope this helps 😊

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  1. Your efforts are extremely appreciated. I’m in the early stages of starting a startup practice. Listening to your podcasts and tell my colleagues about your website. You have been an inspiration and GODSEND. Thank you!


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