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The Functional Medicine Advanced Gut Health Course is Now Available!

After many months of development in collaboration with our developing Functional Medicine Schools director Keri Douglas, FNP, The Elite Nurse Practitioner is proud to announce The Functional Medicine Advanced Gut Health Course, the Elite NP guide on integrating functional medicine-based gut health principles into your practice. This is an exciting addition to our developing functional medicine line of courses and will be a foundational part of the upcoming functional medicine school that the Elite NP plans to launch in the coming year! This course is an advanced course that builds off our Foundational Functional Medicine Course but applies to any nurse practitioner wanting to understand gut health, how it is the root of various diseases, and how to treat the patient from a functional medicine perspective!

So, for those unaware of what functional medicine is, functional medicine is defined as a patient-centered and systems biology-based approach to chronic disease management where the root cause of the disease is identified and addressed. Essentially, the underlying root cause of chronic diseases are identified, and a more holistic approach of treatment is pursued that focuses on treating the root cause of disease while enabling patients to make lifestyle changes that will bring their body back into balance and well-being.

How does gut health play into this? In functional medicine, gut health refers to the balance and proper functioning of the gastrointestinal system. This includes the integrity of the gut lining, the diversity and abundance of beneficial gut microbes, and the effectiveness of digestion, absorption, and elimination processes. The goal is to optimize gut health as it plays a crucial role in overall health and wellness, influencing immune function, hormonal balance, and even brain function. The gut is considered the foundation of a healthy mind and body by many functional medicine practitioners. And this course will provide you with that foundational education to begin evaluating and treating the most common gastrointestinal issues affecting your patient’s health and well-being!

This course is designed for the nurse practitioner who wants to learn more about functional medicine so they can integrate it into their practice or for those who already have a solid understanding of functional medicine but would like more advanced education on gut health. By evaluating the patient’s gastrointestinal well-being, the astute nurse practitioner can then identify the root cause of a variety of bothersome symptoms and diseases the patient can be experiencing and then treat that root cause to bring the patient back into optimal health.

The functional medicine space in the United States is rapidly growing and is valued at well over 90 billion dollars. What does this mean for the astute nurse practitioner entrepreneur? This will be the future of integrative and holistic medicine because more and more patients are looking to be treated as a person and want the root issues addressed vs. being shoved another pill and put down the conveyor belt of modern healthcare.

This course will teach the nurse practitioner who is looking to expand their integrative and functional medicine knowledge and learn about advanced gut health topics in a straight-to-the-point fashion. This course would still benefit those nurse practitioners without a functional medicine background. Still, it is highly recommended that a basic understanding of functional medicine be obtained as well (check out our Foundational Functional Medicine Course if you are seeking that knowledge). This course will not only cover the advanced clinical education of functional medicine-based gut health, but we will also cover the business aspects of integrating this service into your practice. After taking this course, you should be able to immediately begin integrating the principles discussed into your practice!

You will learn the following:

Why gut health is considered the foundation to a healthy mind and body.

Why evaluating your patients gut health is critically important to their overall health.

How a variety of gastrointestinal disorders can affect every system in the body.

The basic physiology of the gastrointestinal tract.

How Intake, Digestion, and Absorption are so critical to health.

How pancreatic enzymes affect gut health.

The role a healthy gallbladder plays in overall health and well-being.

Issues that cause malabsorption.

What the gut-brain axis is and its role in functional medicine.

The gut-hormone axis and its role in functional medicine.

The gut-thyroid axis and its role in functional medicine.

The gut microbiome and how it is critically important to overall health.

What dysbiosis is and how to evaluate and treat it.

What small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is.

What yeast and fungal overgrowth can do to a person’s gut health.

How parasites can affect the gut health and how to evaluate and treat them.

The evaluation and treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.

What gastritis is and how to treat it from a functional medicine standpoint.

What intestinal permeability is and how to evaluate and treat the “leaky gut.”

The testing and treatment of H. Pylori from a functional medicine perspective.

All the concepts you need to know about celiac disease.

The lab evaluation of the patient with gut health issues.

Dozens of treatment options for various gastrointestinal issues.

How to document the visits appropriately.

Where to obtain functional medicine based gut health testing.

Where to obtain specialty supplements and medications.

How to succeed and more!

Plus, this course will reward 5 total CEU hours and 1 pharmacology hour so you can stay current with your certifications and licenses! That is right; you will obtain valuable and actionable knowledge PLUS earn CEU hours that you need to continue working as a nurse practitioner.

There are over 3 hours of video and audio content where Keri and I go over a 169-slide presentation in detail while being straight to the point on what you need to know about gut health from a functional medicine perspective. There will also be audio recordings for you to stream so you can learn on the go.

This course will also include a functional gut health assessment and treatment algorithm that you can keep handy as you see your patients!

I am confident that this course will enhance your knowledge about gut health and how it plays a vital role in your patient’s health! If you are truly interested in building your functional medicine knowledge base as a nurse practitioner, then this course will be an important addition to your clinical expertise.

If you are wanting to integrate more functional medicine-based services into your practice or rewire how you approach patient care, then you need to understand gut health and how it plays a critical role in the health of your patient. Expanding your functional/integrative medicine knowledge is a never-ending process, and this course is a no-brainer to help you build that knowledge. It is truly eye-opening just how important gut health is to the overall health and well-being of the mind and body and how you as nurse practitioner should treat the root cause to help your patient live a happier and healthier life!

This course will be on sale for only $399 until June 19th at 11:59pm PST! After that, the price will increase to $499 indefinitely. So, snatch up this course if you are serious about expanding your functional medicine knowledge, and don’t forget to check out our Foundational Functional Medicine course if are just starting out in functional medicine!

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