The House Call and Mobile Clinic Course is Now on Sale!

In collaboration with Jenni Gallagher, APRN and owner of Joyful Heart House Calls, The Elite Nurse Practitioner is happy to announce The House Call and Mobile Clinic Course! This is a straight to the point course on how to create a mobile clinic from scratch or how to implement mobile services into your already established practice!

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed how healthcare is delivered in this country. Patients are becoming accustomed to the convenience of both telemedicine AND mobile medical services. Patients are looking for safer healthcare delivery options and let’s face it, the convenience factor is really the main driving force behind this radical shift. Similar to how you can have food delivered to your house with a click of a button, patients are wanting their healthcare delivered with the same level of convenience and speed. This can happen either digitally via telemedicine or in person via the mobile route! Regardless, the demand is as high as ever!

House call and mobile medical services are rapidly increasing in popularity. Patients love having care delivered to them in the safety of their own home. Many patients also enjoy the one-on-one care that a house call type visit provides. Additionally, many patients simply cannot leave their home due to medical conditions (chronic CHF or even an acute migraine!). For these reasons, the astute nurse practitioner entrepreneur needs to seriously consider integrating mobile services into their practice.

Not only is it in demand from patients, but it is dirt cheap to start! The startup and operating expenses for a house call/mobile clinic are minimal. If you have a reliable vehicle and an idea, you can get started very quickly!

Mobile services can be integrated with any type of service line such as primary care, weight loss, IV infusion, men’s health, sick visits, and practically anything else! Integrating mobile services with telemedicine would even be a double punch in terms of delivering convenience AND meeting certain in person requirements such as controlled substance prescribing (lifted right now with COVID), medical cannabis evaluations, and certain insurance billing stipulations. For this reason, the combination could be powerful for your practice.

This course is designed to teach the nurse practitioner on how to start a mobile clinic from scratch. The process seems daunting, but we have simplified what you need to know to get started safely and effectively. Even if you have an already established practice but have toyed with the idea of offering mobile services, this course is for you as well!

You will learn:

  • What a house call/mobile practice is.
  • The benefits of providing mobile healthcare.
  • All the vital components necessary to start a mobile practice from the ground floor.
  • The pros and cons of using a home address, office address, or virtual address.
  • The legal, regulatory, and liability components of a mobile practice you need to be aware of.
  • The lab considerations including CLIA waivers, point of care testing, and drawing labs.
  • How to stay safe delivering mobile care.
  • Insurance credentialing essentials and how to bill/code correctly for mobile services.
  • The malpractice and business liability insurance considerations.
  • The charting and EMR considerations going mobile.
  • The supplies you will need to deliver care on the go.
  • How to set up your vehicle, home office, and bag for mobile care.
  • The step by step walk through of the entire process from patient scheduling to charting the visit.
  • How to effectively market a house call/mobile practice.
  • How to succeed and more!

There are almost 4 hours of video and audio content where Jenni and I go over a 102-slide presentation on how to start a house call and mobile practice. There will also be audio files for you to download and/or stream so you can learn on the go.

In addition, we are including the following documentation with this course: an assignment of benefits (AOB), HIPAA notice of privacy policies, informed consent, a lab worksheet, work/school excuse, and a visit note template. These are the essential forms you need for a mobile practice. Be aware though, you will still need separate niche service consents as this course is focusing strictly on the mobile aspects of healthcare delivery, not a specific service line.

If you follow the information in this course and take the action required to get started, you could have a cash accepting mobile clinic up and running within 4-6 weeks. If you have an already established practice, then you could get started almost immediately! I guarantee it. If you are looking for an in demand and low overhead practice model, then you need to take this course!

This course will will be on sale for just $178 for 7 days only. After this, the price will go up to $237 indefinitely. The sales period is short on this course to make room for its complimentary “sister” course about mobile COVID and point of care testing that will be released a week later at only $149!

Delivering care “on the go” will become more and more popular secondary to the COVID pandemic and people becoming accustomed to the convenience of on demand services and products that are delivered to their homes. We are seeing this shift in various industries and even more so in healthcare. It is CRITICAL that you provide this type of convenience to your patients via mobile and telemedicine delivery methods as soon as you possibly can. It is becoming the NORM and the future standard of care for a multitude of healthcare services. 

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