The Most Profitable Niche Specialties for Nurse Practitioners

Certain specialties can boost revenue and bolster a nurse practitioner's skill set.

Entering a niche specialty area can be rewarding, lucrative, and intellectually stimulating for nurse practitioners. However, not all niche markets are made equal. Through industry research and first-hand experience, Elite NP has pinpointed three specialties that strike a balance between profitability and demand. Learn more about the top niches for nurse practitioners, plus insider tips for growing your practice.

What factors should be considered when establishing a nurse practitioner specialty practice?

When developing a business strategy for your practice, it’s important to think critically about the saturation of your market and how you stack up against competition. If you plan to provide services that are commonly offered by nearby practices, your marketing efforts should focus on the unique perks of your business. Nurse practitioners should also be realistic about startup costs, and how much labor is necessary to grow and maintain the business. The following specialties are popular amongst patients, require minimal hands-on work, and have substantial profit potential.

Men’s Health and Testosterone Replacement

A typical men’s health clinic offers services related to the full spectrum of male wellness. Nurse practitioners can specialize in male hormone therapies, as well as the treatment and prevention of health conditions commonly experienced by men. This type of niche practice can be rewarding for nurse practitioners who want to help men of all ages feel healthier and gain confidence.

From a business standpoint, this specialty can be lucrative and is an ideal opportunity for NPs who aim to work on a part-time basis. Elite NP founder Justin Allan owns and operates a popular men’s health clinic, and reports a monthly business revenue of up to $70,000. He attributes this success to the cultivation of a robust client base, built over time by establishing trust and providing comprehensive medical care. “I work around 20 to 26 hours per month at my men’s health clinic,” he reports. “Through this, I average about $20,000 per month in take-home pay. This specialty is an excellent opportunity to earn passive income.”

Enroll in the Elite NP Men’s Health and Testosterone Course to learn more about the clinical and business management skills required to successfully operate a Men’s Health practice!

Women’s Health and HRT

Women’s health/HRT clinics can provide comparable profit margins and time investments to men’s health practices. This type of specialty clinic typically offers HRT therapies to women struggling with hormonal imbalances and other health concerns related to menopause. Many women are in search of a safe, non-judgmental space to receive this type of care, so it’s important to spend adequate time with new patients and holistically address their unique challenges. This can help NPs build a substantial patient base that requires fewer monthly clinical hours than other types of businesses.

“You start a patient on estrogen therapy, and they love how they look and feel,” says Allan. “This allows a patient to place their trust and loyalty in you. And the good news? Once established and stabilized, you only need to see them 2 to 3 times per year.” More key advice about Women’s Health/HRT clinics is available through the Elite NP Women’s Health and Hormones Course.

Medical Weight Loss

A medical weight loss clinic provides prescription weight loss therapies, nutritional consulting, emotional health support, and fitness coaching. This type of practice is relatively “hands-off” for supervising NPs, as most clinical work consists of consultations and maintenance visits for established patients. This type of specialty practice is also advantageous because NPs can quickly master required skills. These highly marketable skills are a great addition to a nurse practitioner’s resume, and practicing weight loss medicine can be rewarding for those interested in metabolic and nutritional sciences. Elite NP’s Definitive Medical Weight Loss Clinic Course provides NPs with the tools to succeed in this field.

Other common specialty areas

According to market research, other popular specialties for NPs include:

  • Aesthetics and Botox®
  • IV infusion and vitamin therapies
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Ketamine therapy
  • Functional and integrative medicine

Contrary to popular belief, these types of clinics are typically less lucrative and require more monthly work hours than hormonal and weight management medicine. NPs may flourish financially when running these types of clinics, but many factors influence success, including region, patient volume, and labor costs. When choosing a specialty, it’s important to be realistic about your bandwidth, market demand, and the learning curve for required skills.

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  1. Thank you Justin! I started my IV hydration business in December. I rent a space around 120sqft (super small) and have three lounge chairs, a desk and a sink with above and below cabinets. My room is inside a beautiful spa, but I do not get any clients from within the spa, my new clients come from Google search. Facebook ads weren’t successful for my business and I am not very present on social media. My website gets a lot of compliments, my clients love how easy it is to navigate and schedule. Problem is with Square, they do NOT utilize SEO, can you believe that?! I’m not exactly sure how I am organically top of google searches but I get 90% of new clients from Google search and 10% by word of mouth.

    When I opened my business in December, I was only open 15 hours a week at the spa, and 30 hours at a corporate health clinic. I hired 3 nurses in March to pick up hours that I couldn’t be at the spa, and pay them commission. That’s when I started weight loss. Holy crap! I spend $0 on marketing for weight loss and it’s taking off, I am the only one in my area prescribing it, and everyone losing weight on my program is free marketing for my business! My six month goal was to gross $10,000, which I achieved. And last month my business gross was $18,000. I work 10 hours a week at my spa doing in-person consults and follow-ups and IVs. My nurses LOVE their job and make more money than I do as an NP in corporate med. My next business plan is to add Men’s Health, and will be taking the course soon and moving into a larger space. Thanks to you and the group, my nurses and I love our jobs especially during the time we almost threw in the towel with healthcare.

    1. Hi Jami!

      Awesome, good for you! Continue adding additional services and see that income GROW GROW GROW!!!!

  2. I’m in the primary care (rural) category and income is excellent. The hours depend on how anal you are about details and I’m one of those. I cannot do a cash based practice where I am, no one has cash. LOL. I’m more like a train wreck investigator and these people with a million issues keep me up at night. In response to that, I have started limiting who I will accept as a new patient and forcing myself to take some breaks.

    1. You need to do that… You need to learn how to say NO… it is good for your mental health. But I GUARANTEE you people will pay cash. There are ALWAYS going to be people in any area that pay cash. I practice in one of the poorest counties in the country and my cash practice is thriving. People Will Pay You Cash

  3. I wish there was a forum like this for RN’s we need and deserve our own businesses as well. Great read!

  4. Hi Justin,

    I have owned my own family practice clinic since 12/2019 and already do some men’s hrt. How would you suggest that I transition into having a “men’s health clinc” separate from my family practice? Maybe do men’s health one day per week? I employ one other nurse practitioner currently and we each work 4 days per week.

  5. How do I find out more? There isn’t really a clinic in my area that tailors to men’s health. I would love to own my practice, but don’t even know where to being.

    1. Just hop on Google Maps and see whats available. If there isn’t anything easily findable, then you should be ok

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