The Stem Cell and Regenerative Injection Clinic Course is Now on Sale!

Stem Cell Regenerative injection Clinic Course

The Stem Cell and Regenerative Injection Clinic Course is now on sale!

Remember, I have decided to have a longer promotional sale secondary to the economic stress COVID has placed on many of you, so I am offering this course for just $397 until June 6th at midnight EST. After that, the course will go up to $497 indefinitely. This is a STEAL for what this course could potentially do for you. Just 10% of what you charge for your FIRST injection will cover the cost of this course. Every other stem cell and regenerative medicine course out there is well over $1,000!

I am also including 4 free bonuses! We will be providing you a quick “get started” guide that breaks operating this niche practice down into 8 basic steps. There is also a nifty treatment algorithm for you to follow that will help guide you with the treatment process. We have also put together a list of our favorite joint injection videos that will help you learn how to do these (do not fear joint injections, they are easy to learn and perform). Finally, Oliver answers the most common questions and answers a medical provider might have!

Remember, everyone who enrolls in this course will also have access to The Elite Nurse Practitioner Stem Cell Group. This is a mastermind group where multiple nurse practitioners and stem cell entrepreneurs will come together to help one another succeed. This group is only available to those that purchase the course! I am also currently negotiating discounted prices on the stem cell products themselves with a couple stem cells labs. This should save members of this group $100-$300 per injection!

To summarize:

In partnership with Oliver Brown, a nurse practitioner entrepreneur who owns a successful stem cell practice, we have created the Stem Cell and Regenerative Injection Course. This course is designed for the astute entrepreneur who wants to start a cash only practice that can be done on a part-time basis.

Stem cell and regenerative medicine clinics are the hottest and highest revenue practices popping up all over the country. Many stem cells practices generate revenue in the six figure range every month… There is a high demand for this niche service.

Patients also love the results stem cell injections produce! Chronic pain and degenerative conditions can improve significantly after just one injection. Patients will come back and refer their friends and family to you time and time again. If it didn’t work, they would not!

Additionally, it is one of the least complicated side practices to start… There are no complicated medications, prescriptions, labs, or guidelines to follow. Anyone can do it with the right guidance.

This course is designed to teach the aspiring practice entrepreneur who has ZERO experience with stem cells and regenerative medicine on how to start and operate this side practice! This course provides EVERYTHING you need to know to successfully practice, build and operate a high revenue stem cell and regenerative medicine clinic.

You will learn:

  • What regenerative medicine is.
  • The science and physiology behind stem cells.
  • The legalities of regenerative medicine.
  • The basic clinical principles including risks, benefits, and contraindications.
  • How to structure the consultation and visits.
  • The various types of regenerative treatment options including hyaluronic acid, platelet rich plasma, autologous stem cells, allogeneic stem cells, and exosomes.
  • How to collect patient samples for autologous treatments.
  • Injection procedure.
  • How to document the visits (all documentation is included!).
  • How to create the stem cell clinic from scratch.
  • Where and how to order the stem cells and regenerative medicine products.
  • How to successfully market your practice.
  • How to set up special promotional events that will generate leads and ultimately revenue!
  • How to utilize the provided consent forms.
  • How to mark up and price the services and products.
  • How to successfully build a high revenue practice and more!

There are over 2 hours of video content where I go over a 117-slide presentation in detail. There will also be an audio format for you to download so you can learn on the go.

This course includes ALL the supplemental documentation you will need to start a stem cell clinic as well. This includes informed consent forms, indemnification clauses, intake and exam forms, privacy policies, etc. We are also including a marketing power point presentation that you can use to market your stem cell practice during promotional events! Remember, marketing is the number one function of your business!

You will have EVERYTHING you need to start a stem cell and regenerative medicine clinic. If you follow the information provided in the course and utilize all the provided documentation, you can have a stem cell clinic up and running in 1-2 months. I guarantee that. It costs very little to start a stem cell practice, the biggest expense are the stem cells themselves, and the patient typically pays for these before you even order them!

If you want headaches, high expenses, long hours, and little return, look into general primary care… On the other hand, if your goal is professional and financial independence, seriously consider this niche service line. The population is aging and they want to stay active and young. Stem cell and regenerative medicine products are in demand, therefore, if you are looking for a lucrative medical practice to start, opening this type of clinic might be for you.

4 Responses

  1. This course was fantastic! I could not stop going through the material. I have a question though, you mentioned you do not recommend doing stem cell therapy IV, is this mainly because of the infection risk?

    1. The infection risk is the predominant issue. There is also a theoretical risk of the stem cell flowing through the blood stream and attaching itself to a neoplastic lesion and causing it to grow faster. This is entirely theoretical in nature though. The biggest risk I am concerned about through is infection. I would not take the chance.

  2. The course was excellent! I was unable to quit going through the material. However, I have a question: you mentioned that stem cell therapy administered intravenously is not recommended. Is this primarily due to the risk of infection?

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