Time: The Priceless Resource

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Time… We only have so much of it in this life and the last thing my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers need to be using it for is enriching others, enslaving yourself, and living a life where you have little control of your time.

Listen, there are only so many days we have on this planet… Time is one of those resources that is FINITE to us, therefore it is absolutely critical we make the most of it.

Do you want to spend your limited time being stuck in a dead-end job, living paycheck to paycheck, and never growing or getting ahead?

Do you want to spend your days off completely exhausted from the hectic work week to only repeat the same thing week to week and never actually living?

Do you want to spend more years of your life going back to school for pointless degrees and certifications?

Do you want to spend hours after work charting to meet ridiculous insurance requirements?

Do you want to spend every waking moment working on your business and never enjoying the fruits of your labor?

What is the point in doing all of this? What is the point to busting your ass? Why do we kill ourselves?

Is it to make lots and lots of money? That is part of it, but what should that money do for you? It needs to be buying yourself more time to LIVE!

Regardless, outside of money, the main point of working hard as a nurse practitioner should be 2 things:

  1. Helping your patients.

Remember, time = dollars and dollars = time.

Time = Freedom.

Time is one of those valuable resources that we all could use more of, yet there is not really an abundance of it in modern society for the vast majority of people… But for the nurse practitioner, it is relatively easy to increase this valuable resource!

Increasing the amount of time to do what you want with your life, rather than slaving away for an employer that doesn’t care about you, can be done easily for the nurse practitioner. It requires you to obtain the resource that has an infinite supply:


There is so much money in this world that for the purposes of a nurse practitioner, there is an infinite amount of it out there. You just need to know how to obtain it.

I am not going to beat a dead horse here… If you read The Elite Nurse Practitioner, you know I advocate for starting your own practice. It is the ONLY way to build real wealth as a nurse practitioner… Nothing else will make you wealthier than owning your own business, NOTHING! That business can be a niche side practice or a small rental empire… That decision is for you to make. I personally think it should be a niche side practice as it is relatively cheap and easy to start…

Outside of starting a business, what I want to highlight in this article is that obtaining MORE TIME should be the main goal when starting your business and working towards financial independence. If you cannot have more time, then what is the point of having millions and millions of dollars?

We all know the millionaire who works so damn much that they can’t even enjoy their money. Do you want to be like that person?

Or do you want to be like the nurse practitioner entrepreneur who makes a healthy six figure income and works 20 hours a week? I know plenty by the way…

Do you want time to enjoy life? Do you want freedom?

Or do you want to be a Scrooge hoarding millions of dollars yet never enjoying it and not living life?

Time allows you to enjoy the better things in life, such as family, friends, hobbies, leisure, or even a good book and a glass of wine on your porch at 1pm in the afternoon…

I have finally been able to cut back on my work hours after years of hustling. Hiring out two nurse practitioners to help me at my two men’s health practices was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made…


If you are on the fence about hiring help in your practice because you are becoming overwhelmed, I will 100% support your decision to do that. Email me if you need the swift kick in your ass to do so. Also check out this article about when to hire help.

Now that I have had a taste about what free time is like again, I am going even further. I have officially given my notice to the urgent care I have been working part-time at while building my small business empire. Following The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model is critical during the startup phase, but once your practices begin generating significant income, working part-time is not a necessary component to the model anymore. This is because the fruits of your small business begin to materialize… You begin to work less, make the same amount of money or more, and get that precious commodity back: TIME!

Money comes and goes friends, but time is something you can NEVER get back.

Ask anyone on their death bed about what they wish they had more of, and they are going to tell you they wish they had more TIME, not more money… Remember that as you hustle. There should be a firm point where you can step off the gas some and enjoy your life. Where you can finally enjoy your TIME!

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