Upcoming Courses For 2021

The Elite Nurse Practitioner is proud to announce a large line up of courses starting in the New Year to help you succeed and build that financially secure life! We will be taking a break from launching any new courses before the end of the year in observance of the holidays, but we will be having a sale on all courses in the month of December for anyone that missed the promotional introductory sale on the courses, might have some CME money to spend or for those that need a tax deduction before the new year! So, keep your eyes out for that official announcement.

Remember, we have also recently released our Discount Lab program for everyone seeking to increase their revenue by utilizing the discounted rates through Access Medical Labs on 26 unique lab panels. Additionally, we are launching our Physician Collaborator Network for those nurse practitioners in need of an affordable physician collaborator (I still have a few more collaborators to get on board in some states). Both of these should help everyone build a successful practice!

Now, let us get to it. The Elite Nurse Practitioner plans on releasing multiple courses over the new year that will help the nurse practitioner entrepreneur learn a variety of other niche service lines. There are a plethora of different types of niche service line practices one can start, and it is our goal to teach the nurse practitioner community about all of those so you can get out there and earn what you deserve.

The ultimate goal of starting your own practice and working your butt off is building a life of financial independence. I am proud to announce, “The Investment and Financial Independence Course: The Elite Nurse Practitioner Guide to Building a Sustainable Investment Portfolio and a Life of Financial Independence.” This course will teach the nurse practitioner how to invest their money appropriately in plain English. We will also cover how to plan and build a financially independent life. We will cover investing, taxes, income generating assets, expenses, and more. If you want to learn the foundation of investing and finance, this is the course for you. This course will be released at the beginning of January so everyone can put down “financial independence” as one of those new year’s resolutions!

The Elite Nurse Practitioner is founded on the principle of starting cash only practices, but the reality of healthcare does warrant the need for insurance accepting practices in many instances, so we will be releasing “The Complete Medical Billing Course: The Elite Nurse Practitioner Guide on How to Bill Insurance Yourself.” Multiple folks bill insurance, but there is no need to pay some shark to do it for you. So, for this reason I wanted to provide a course that will help the nurse practitioner be more autonomous in their practice and ultimately, put more money in their pockets by learning how to bill insurance themselves.

Ketamine infusion clinics are a HOT niche clinic in many areas of the country. Ketamine offers an alternative treatment option for a variety of pain and psychiatric conditions. We are excited about releasing “The Ketamine Infusion Clinic Course: The Elite Nurse Practitioner Guide on How to Start a Ketamine Infusion Clinic.” One of the great aspects about ketamine clinics is that it is a cash only practice and it is increasing in demand as more and more people learn about it.

Allergy clinics have been a profitable and in demand medical service for decades now. People are sick of suffering from allergies and are willing to spend money on fixing that. I am very pleased to announce, “The Allergy Clinic Course: The Elite Nurse Practitioner Guide on How to Start an Allergy Clinic.” This course will teach the nurse practitioner on how to start a cash and insurance accepting allergy clinic. This is a very lucrative service line that can be integrated into a variety of different practices or be started as a stand-alone clinic.

Opioid addiction and Suboxone clinics are another type of practice that has stood the test of time. These kinds of practices have been around for over 15 years now for good reason: the need is present more than ever and it makes for a great income generating practice. We are proud to be releasing “The Opioid Addiction Clinic Course: The Elite Nurse Practitioner Guide on How to Start a Suboxone and Opioid Addiction Clinic.” This course will cover both the clinical and business aspects of this niche service line.

Another very interesting niche service is foot and wound care! I am pleased to have collaborated with a nurse practitioner who is an EXPERT at foot and wound care. This individual happens to own a very successful Foot and Wound Care clinic, so for this reason we will be releasing “The Foot and Wound Care Clinic Course: The Elite Nurse Practitioner Guide on How to Start a Foot and Wound Care Center.” This course will cover the clinical components of foot and wound care in addition to the business aspects of this niche service line including insurance vs. cash billing, supply ordering, and much more.

Want to open up a practically zero liability practice that is cheap to start, is a treat and street model, can be done passively, and is a hit among your “retail” patients? Then consider opening an oxygen bar. That is right! People will pay you to be hooked up to oxygen for 15 minutes! I am excited about releasing “The ‘Oxygen Bar’ Clinic Course: The Elite Nurse Practitioner Guide on Starting an Oxygen Infusion Clinic.” This course will guide you step by step on how to start this fun little niche practice.

Direct primary care is becoming more and more popular throughout the country. People are sick of paying expensive insurance premiums, having to meet a deductible, and high co-pays. One of the solutions to this is the direct primary care practice. This “concierge” type practice essentially is a cash subscription model where patients have unlimited visits for acute and primary care needs. “The Direct Primary Care Practice Course: The Elite Nurse Practitioner Guide on How to Start a Direct Primary Care Practice” will walk you through the process of starting this in demand clinic.

I have had a lot of interest and requests from our psychiatric nurse practitioner colleagues out there on developing a psychiatric specific course. Well, I am pleased to announce, “The How To Open a Psychiatric Practice Course: The Elite Nurse Practitioner Guide on Opening a Successful Psychiatric Practice.” This course is being created in collaboration with a very successful psychiatric nurse practitioner who owns a profitable psych practice that employs multiple nurse practitioners. This one will be great for all the psych folks out there!

Many nurse practitioners are confused and intimidated by managing diabetes, so for this reason, I am partnering with a nurse practitioner who is an expert at diabetes management to develop “The Complete Diabetes Course: The Elite Nurse Practitioner Guide to Diabetes Management.” This course will be a short and to the point guide on how to assess and treat your diabetes patients.

Finally, I am collaborating with a very successful Med Spa owner on developing a Med Spa/Aesthetics course. I know many of you have been requesting this and it is my goal to provide an affordable Med Spa Course, not one that costs $2,000. The plan is to release this in 2 separate parts where various Med Spa services will be covered. “The How To Open a Med Spa and Aesthetics Practice Course: The Elite Nurse Practitioner Guide on Building a Successful Med Spa” will be a comprehensive course that will also include videos on how to perform various procedures. This will be a fantastic course for all of those wanting to provide this in demand service line.

That is all that is planned at this time for the next year. I am hoping to get these released as fast as possible for everyone to enjoy and to get started on. I want to help as many of my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers in building successful practices and lives. Every single one of you have the power and the ability to get out there and earn what you are truly worth, don’t let fear and naysayers prevent you from pursuing your dreams.

P.S. If you own a niche clinic or practice a niche service and would like to share your knowledge with the nurse practitioner community, shoot me an email (theelitenp@elitenp.com) as I would love to collaborate with you in bringing practical and profitable knowledge to our profession.

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  1. Excited about the med spa course for sure. Any chance that you can develop a medical cannabis clinic course. I’m from NJ were it’s now legal recreationally and wanted to look into opening a dispensary as well.

    1. Hello Patrician. Be sure to check out the courses page, there is a Medical Cannabis Course already. I created it myself as I own a very successful medical cannabis clinic.

  2. This is excellent !!! I am so excited > my hope is that you bundle (price discount) some of the courses for us that want to take 2 more courses.

    1. Hello Sophia! There are bundle discounts already just FYI. Also, we are having a large 30% sale in the month of December on ALL courses!

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