When to Hire Another Provider in Your Practice

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For those of you that have a practice in the growth stage, you might be wondering when do you need to hire another nurse practitioner or “provider” in your practice? But for those in the startup phase of opening their niche practice, this article is still going to be applicable to you because your ultimate goal should be growing a practice to the point where it works for you, and you aren’t working for it! Because you can be a slave to your own business, and that is not a great place to be. Trust me… I have been there multiple times and it can be just as bad as working for someone else. But let’s get on with today’s topic…

So, when do you need to bring on another provider to your practice? (FYI: I am going to just default to the term “provider” in this article because many nurse practitioners might consider bringing on a physician’s assistant or even a physician to their practice depending on their states regulations… At the end of the day it doesn’t matter from a business owners perspective because you just need someone to see patients!).

This can be a difficult question to answer, but I am going to make it painfully simple: YOU NEED TO HIRE SOMEONE ELSE IF YOU ARE GOING CRAZY WITH THE WORKLOAD!

It really is that simple… Here is a quantitative metric to use: if you are scheduling out 2-4 weeks for appointments in your practice, then you need to hire another provider. Why? Because most people in the United States are impulsive (including your patients) and they want what they want NOW. Therefore, you better have the capability of delivering what they want ASAP, or they will go elsewhere. Seriously…

I am dead serious about that folks because I have seen it. I have seen potential patients call my men’s health clinic for testosterone replacement therapy or even weight loss services and if they can’t get in within a week, they go elsewhere. That “elsewhere” can be a local competitor or some large telemedicine practice that markets the hell out of their practice. Therefore, you MUST have the capability of scheduling a patient within a week if you truly want to grow and scale your practice.

If you do not have the ability to schedule a patient within a week, guess what you are doing? YOU ARE THROWING AWAY BUSINESS! That is right! You are literally throwing away money. It is no different then putting $200 into the toilet and flushing it. Or even better, just going to the casino and throwing it all down on blackjack… at least then you have a chance of making something. But seriously: IF YOU CAN’T SCHEDULE PATIENTS WITHIN ONE WEEK OF THEM INQUIRING FOR AN APPOINTMENT, THEN YOU ARE FLUSHING MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN!

So, what is the astute nurse practitioner to do? You can either increase your availability or hire another provider. It is that simple.

If you increase your availability, then you become more of a slave to your business. You increase your workload and delay your ability to become financially independent because you are tied to your business. You HAVE to work and see patients which is not a good place to be unless you enjoy having little free time…

On the other side of the coin, if you hire another provider then you increase your free time! Your business still grows, and it requires little work on your end. New patients call, and they get put onto your other “providers” schedule which requires zero work on your end.

I am going to give you an example of how my men’s health clinic works, and many of your jaws will drop on how little I need to work:

Patient calls.

One of my 4 medical assistants answers the phone.

(or they just schedule their appointment online skipping the above)

The new appointment is scheduled on one of the four nurse practitioner’s schedules that I employ as a 1099 contractor.

The other nurse practitioner sees the patient and continues to follow up with them.

During this entire time, I am hiking or swimming in the pool paying myself $20,000 a month from my men’s health clinic and only seeing the established patients I built up over the past few years on Wednesdays for 4 hours.

Don’t believe me? Then message me and fly out to my house and I will show you… Nurse practitioners message me all the time asking to shadow me at my practice… unfortunately, I am not at my practice very often anymore as a business owner…

THIS is how you build a business that works for you. If you truly want to be an ELITE NURSE PRACTITIONER, then you seriously need to consider hiring another nurse practitioner/provider for your practice. The ONLY way to have a business that is scalable and that works FOR YOU is by hiring others to do work for you. This is seriously non-negotiable.

If you want to see patients 40-50 hours a week, then disregard this article. That is fine based off your goals.

If you want to see patients for 10 hours a week, then hire another provider to begin seeing patients for you.

How should you pay this individual? Simple: pay them as a 1099 contractor and let them make their own schedule and schedule patients of their availability. Pay these individuals a flat rate based off initial appointments and follow-up appointments. I pay my nurse practitioner 1099 contractors $100 for new patients and $50 for follow ups. It costs me barely anything! Seriously, I pay these individuals $100-200 a year per patient and I make $1,500-$2,5000 a year per patient. IT IS A NO BRAINER.

So, to sum this up: If you are going crazy with your workload or if you are scheduling 1-3 weeks out, then you need to hire another nurse practitioner/provider in your practice. This will increase your revenue, and it will ultimately accelerate your path to financial freedom!

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