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Why You Should Consider Integrating Peptide Therapies Into Your Practice

Starting a Practice

I love using peptides in my clinical practice. I have been using them for years now and have discovered that they provide significant benefit to the lives of my patients.

I was first introduced to peptides when I was under the care of a wellness type practice. The main reason I was visiting this clinic was to address my hypogonadal symptoms. In addition to starting testosterone replacement therapy, I was also educated on various peptide treatments to assist with my increasingly difficult time recovering from work outs.

I discovered a new world of medicine that I did not even know existed. After being on testosterone replacement therapy for 4-5 months, I was then started on Ipamorelin to help increase my endogenous production of growth hormone. Within 4-6 weeks, I was recovering significantly faster from my work outs. By week 8, I lost 10lbs of body fat, it was amazing! In addition, I was sleeping better, my skin quality improved, I was thinking quicker, and my overall sense of well-being improved. It is hard to describe, but it was a very positive experience.

These effects lasted for about 4-5 months and helped me improve my overall physical well-being and helped heal a few nagging injuries I had. It was great!

After experiencing so many positive effects from this peptide, I made it a point to learn as much as I could about various peptide therapies.

I was simply blown away by how many peptides were available and all the various effects they produced. I immediately began implementing peptide therapy into my men’s health practice.

There are clinics all over the country offering peptide therapy for their patients, and with good reason! They help improve the quality of your patients’ lives!

Peptides are available through various compounding pharmacies. These medications have been studied and used for years with positive safety profiles. The main issue with peptides though, is that they are not considered “mainstream” medicine and are strictly an alternative treatment option, therefore finding concise guidelines on how to utilize them is difficult to find at best.

The clinical component of peptide therapy has been developed through experience based off the dosing structures studied by the pharmaceutical companies that developed these medications. Many peptides have been FDA approved for very narrow indications and others were never brought to market secondary to the lack of efficacy compared to other medications (such as human growth hormone itself). Why bring to market a growth hormone releasing peptide when straight HGH works better? The clinical safety, toxicology, and pharmacology have been studied, but the off label uses that have been discovered have come through various third-party studies and also through clinical experience from progressive providers.

Once you understand how to utilize peptide therapy, you will find that they are very effective and surprisingly simple to integrate into your practice. Patients love them!

Peptides carry multiple positive benefits, they can:

  1. Decrease recovery times (athletically, from injuries, and even post-op in some cases).
  2. Improve healing.
  3. Improve skin quality.
  4. Improve sleep.
  5. Assist with weight loss.
  6. Increase lean muscle mass.
  7. Delay certain aging processes.
  8. Improve various auto-immune conditions.
  9. Improve osteoarthritis.
  10. Improve erectile function.
  11. Improve cognition.

This is not an exclusive list by any stretch of the imagination. Various sources and clinicians also praise peptides for a multitude of other positive effects. Much of this is anecdotal in nature, so you also need to be aware of that aspect as well.

I love utilizing peptides with my patients. I have only seen positive results since I started using them. Very few patients have side effects, and when they do, they are typically transient in nature and resolve after a few days.

From a practice management standpoint, integrating peptides into your practice also provides for a great revenue stream. Simply adding peptide therapies into your practice could increase your monthly income by thousands of dollars.

Some clinics make tens of thousands of dollars a month off peptides. A more modest side practice, like my men’s heath clinic, can generate $3,000+ a month by simply offering peptides in addition to their main service. It is a FANTASTIC revenue stream. Peptides alone more than pay for my rent and utilities with a little left over. It is great!

It does not matter what type of practice you operate, integrating peptide therapy into your practice should be a priority if you are looking for alternative therapies and an additional revenue stream. Getting started is simple and is as easy as ordering a prescription from a compounding pharmacy for your patient.

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