You Are Ready Even if You Think You Are Not

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So, you….

Don’t think you are ready to start your own niche side practice?

Don’t think you are ready to aggressively expand your current practice and integrate new services in it?

Don’t think you are ready to find a collaborator so you can get that practice started?

Don’t think you are ready to leave your job for a better one?

Don’t think you are ready to utilize your education to provide that new service line?

Don’t think you are ready to relocate to an unsaturated market for a better job?

Don’t think you are ready to aggressively cut down on your expenses and become disciplined enough to pursue financial independence?

Listen, YOU ARE READY, even if you think you are not.

Procrastination is the dream killer.

Worry leads to INACTION.

Instead of WORRYING about everything and giving yourself analysis paralysis and overload paralysis, you need to take action because YOU ARE READY.

Action leads to MORE ACTION. Worry leads to INACTION. <——Read that again!

Listen, you will never be 100% ready for any type of big action in your life. There is no such thing as 100% ready. Who defines what 100% is? The government? Your professors? Your parents? Me? Hah! No one can define what 100% is… but what we can do is get you to 80-90% ready.

Do you think I was ready to open my first men’s health practice? Absolutely not, it was a disorganized stitched up mess… But we got it done. It is a fine oiled machine now, but we are still learning as we go!

Do you think I was ready to open my 2nd men’s health practice? I think so, but I wasn’t 100% sure. The only way to find out was to give it a try. Slowly but surely, we are getting busier after many speedbumps.

Do you think I was ready to start The Elite Nurse Practitioner? No! I just started writing some articles about what I thought the current state of affairs for the nurse practitioner profession was in and went from there. I am sure many of you remember the first Elite Nurse Practitioner site, it was a simple blog I made using GoDaddy! Hell, The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model was the first book I ever wrote! I had no idea it was going to be as successful as it has been.

Do you think I knew what I was doing when I started doing medical cannabis? Nope… Sure, I consulted with my lawyer and made sure I was doing everything correct according to the medical cannabis act in my state, but I still wasn’t 100% sure of what I was doing. But, I took the chance and took action. This business was the stepping stone for all of my other ones.

Do you think I am 100% ready to launch my new wellness practice where we will be offering weight loss services, IV infusion therapy, cosmetic skin care, and women’s HRT? Absolutely not… A friend of mine happens to own one of the most upscale hair salons in the region and also happens to have 500 SqFT he is not using. After a quick meeting, we decided to partner up and pull the trigger on this. I am even hiring another nurse practitioner to help me see patients, but do you think I am 100% certain this will be successful? NOPE, but I am taking the chance because I FEEL ready and I am taking action to make it a reality.

Do you think ANY entrepreneur in the history of mankind was 100% ready? 100% sure of what they were doing? 100% confident it was going to succeed? NO! Ask any successful entrepreneur out there if they felt like they were 100% ready…

You are ready to take the next step in your life. You are. Do not let naysayers tell you otherwise. Do not let limiting beliefs trick you into thinking you are not ready. Do not let FEAR dictate your life. You are a powerful nurse practitioner!

You are ready to build the life you have always dreamed about. All it takes is the courage to get past your insecurities and take the next step.

Every great entrepreneur started from ZERO.

Every great master started as an apprentice.

Every great athlete started as an amateur.

No one is born with an instant ability for greatness. It is learned. It takes time.

No one is 100% ready for greatness.

What you are ready for though, is to put the work in that is necessary to achieve greatness and to build that successful life. You are!

You cannot prepare for what is ahead of you because no one can predict the future. So, why continuously WORRY about something that is out of your hands and possibly months or even years in the future? You will cross that bridge when you come to it, so don’t worry about it!

Far too many nurse practitioner sisters and brothers never achieve their full potential because they feel like they are never ready. Instead of taking action, they forever get stuck in analysis paralysis. They go back to school, they get more certifications, they get a DNP, they read more books and take more courses, yet, they never put that knowledge into ACTION.

Knowledge without action is useless. However, you cannot take action without knowledge. It is your job to determine what amount of knowledge is the tipping point to finally take the action that is necessary to begin making an impactful difference on your life and of those around you.

Let me repeat that: KNOWLEDGE WITHOUT ACTION IS USELESS! (other than for self-fulfillment of course). YOU MUST TAKE ACTION EVENTUALLY.

If you are reading this and you are on the fence about pulling the trigger on a particular action in your life because you do not feel like your ready, let me tell you, you are ready. Stop worrying about it. Success is close, all it takes from you is to take the action to get there.

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