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The Elite Nurse Practitioner is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Hi Everyone!

My Name is Justin Allan and I’m the founder of EliteNP.

From the second Doximity published one of my blog posts, I became the black sheep of the NP community. Why? Because I say the things I wish someone said to me when I became an NP 8 years ago. I just speak the truth…

The truth is....
I was tired.

I was tired of not earning in relation to what I produced, I was tired of spending more time charting than with patients, and I was tired of feeling like I had to listen to some “text book expert” telling me to go further into debt with another degree.

So, I did the one thing the system doesn’t teach you.

I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars becoming an expert in the clinical and business aspects of starting my own practice. I’ve taken all that experience and knowledge and put it into these courses.

These are the exact steps I followed to shatter the glass ceiling, stop chasing fulfilment, and become financially and professionally independent.

Now I get daily validation from two people: My patients and Benjamin Franklin.

This is why I created The Elite Nurse Practitioner Courses and Books. To enlighten you about the massive power your NP degree holds and to help you venture on your own.

Your Career Isn’t As
Secure As You Think!

Don’t believe the propaganda! Nursing academia, and nursing practitioner magazines would have you think opportunities are falling from the sky. The truth is salaries are down, workload is up, and with 20 resumes waiting to fill your spot, you could be replaced in a matter of days. The market is saturated. You must take control of how this could affect you or your family by starting your own practice.

Created For Nurse Practitioners, By Nurse Practitioners

These aren’t courses filled with nursing “fluff” and theory. Within 24 hours of starting, you’ll have actionable steps to follow that will help you break free from the system. After only 30 days you’ll be halfway to opening the doors of your own practice and starting your new career filled with motivation and self-satisfaction.

These Courses Will Provide

Niche Clinical
Specific Education

So you can accurately and safely treat your patients

Step By Step Instructions On Practice Creation And Management

So you know exactly how to open your doors and start making money quickly

All Forms and Documentation Needed To Start Practicing

So you don’t have to hire a lawyer or consultant to open your practice

Stop Being A Pawn In The Game Of Modern Health Care

I want you to experience how much more satisfying it is to see letters on the door of your own practice than it is to see letters behind your last name. My mission is to help create a group of nurse practitioners that are wealthy, powerful, and professionally fulfilled. Once that light bulb goes off, you’ll never look back. That’s how I feel every day, and so do my students. It’s time to realize your worth and break through the fear. So the next question I have for you is…

Which course excites you most?

Current Courses & Ebooks

The EliteNP Guarantee

All products come with a 100% LIFETIME money back guarantee. If you do not derive significant value that benefits your life from our books and courses, email me for a refund or a free consultation session!

I've Helped Over 5000 of My Nurse Practitioner Brother and Sisters... And Counting


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