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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #71

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Have a patient who is not responding well to antidepressants for their chronic depression? Then consider treatment with ketamine infusion therapy or intranasal/troche ketamine.

Based off data from various ketamine providers throughout the country, 75-80% of patients who have tried multiple antidepressants and are now considered treatment resistant, respond well to ketamine infusion therapy. Anecdotally, according to Heather Pearce-Shew CRNA, the rate is even higher from what she observes in her ketamine infusion practice. Additionally, ketamine is now FDA approved for treatment resistant depression!

Does a history of suicidal ideation rule out a patient from being a good candidate for ketamine infusion therapy? Absolutely not! Those are the patients that seem to especially benefit from ketamine. In fact, many emergency room staff are now turning to ketamine to help treat patients in an acute suicidal episode. An almost 80% success rate for those who have failed many other treatment applications is being reported.

Ketamine is proving to be an excellent method of treatment for treating resistant mood disorders! As always, use your own best clinical judgement.

Reminder, the Ketamine Infusion Clinic Course is still on sale until March 8th, check it out before the discounted price ends if you are interested in integrating ketamine therapy into your practice for treatment resistant mental disorders and chronic pain!

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