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Have Multiple LLC’s To Cover Your Ass!

It is vital you understand the principle of spreading out your legal risk and liability when you own a business and/or work in health care. This is even more important if you follow The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model and have multiple side businesses. There are just to many thirsty people wanting a hand out today. They will and CAN sue you for just about anything.

You must cover your ass (assets!) for long term success.

A great way to cover yourself thoroughly is by having multiple limited liability companies (LLC).

Each LLC is its own legal entity. Each entity shields the owner from liability. It is important you understand this when you own multiple businesses, real estate, business vehicles, etc. If one LLC is sued, then usually the other LLC’s you own will not be liable for the actions of another.

For this to be the case, you need to treat your LLC’s as totally separate entities. This means each entity has its own bank account, books, credit card, assets, and treated as a professional organization. There is a plethora of information online on how to keep your LLC compliant. Google it. It is vital you understand this.

So, let’s run a theoretical scenario:

Sally Jane NP owns a successful aesthetics practice. This small side business generates approximately $200,000 a year in revenue, nothing insane but a nice chunk of part-time money. She also works part time in the emergency department, has a rental property, and a sports utility vehicle titled in her name.

Sally Jane just has 1 LLC for her aesthetics practice. One day Sally gets into a serious motor vehicle accident that results in serious injuries to the driver of the other vehicle. She is deemed to be responsible for the accident and now is considered liable for all damages. What could happen? The plaintiffs lawyer could:

  1. Go after the maximum liability limit on the car insurance policy.
  2. Determine if Sally Jane NP has any assets, which she does, and could go after them if the liability policy is not sufficient enough to cover damages.

Sally has a duplex valued at $300,000 and $50,000 in savings. The lawyer could go after these assets. On the other hand, her aesthetics practice is safe since it is a separate legal entity, she is personally liable because the vehicle is titled in her name.

If Sally had her vehicle titled and owned by a totally separate LLC instead of herself, she would be personally protected. The lawsuit would probably have been settled by the insurance company alone.

If Sally had her rental property owned and titled by a separate LLC, it would be protected. If a tenant was injured on the property because they left the stove on and started a fire, she would be protected.

Imagine if Sally was sued because of an adverse event in the emergency department? She would be personally liable, which means all her assets in her name could be up for grabs if the malpractice policy is not sufficient to cover damages.

This is not an unrealistic scenario. I bet many people reading this has a company vehicle, a small side business and maybe a rental property. These things are not hard to obtain with persistence, living below your means, saving, and hard work. Lets look at another scenario:

Joe Smith NP owns a small hormone replacement clinic, a concierge primary care practice, 2 rental properties, and a business vehicle. Joe owns 1 LLC and operates everything underneath it.

He receives a letter in the mail from a law firm saying he is being named in a malpractice lawsuit. A 55-year-old female who he has been treating with hormone pellets over the past 5 years develops breast cancer. It is determined he is the cause of this and is now liable. What could happen?

  1. His malpractice policy would cover his personal liability up to the maximum limit. Hopefully this is sufficient to cover damages.
  2. If the plaintiffs lawyer decided to go after his LLC, then everything underneath its umbrella would be up for grabs. This is possible if the incident happened within his LLC.

If Joe was smart, he would have separated all his businesses and assets among multiple LLCs. This protects his businesses and those assets.

Since his 1 LLC is held liable for the incident, everything underneath it is up for grabs.

You need to spread your risk among multiple LLCs. This protects you personally and also protects the LLC’s holdings. If you have a successful and profitable business, you want to protect its interests. If you are holding significant personal assets such as a house, considerable savings, rental properties, etc., these could be at risk if you were ever held liable for an incident.

If you own multiple side practices, operate each one under a separate LLC. If you own a business vehicle, have it owned by a separate LLC. If you have rental properties, each one needs to be owned by its own LLC. If you really want to get deep into this, have everything you personally own be owned by a trust where you are the trustee. This shields those personal assets.

My business truck is owned by a totally separate LLC. My rental vacation condo is owned by its own LLC. The Elite NP is owned by its own LLC! Everything business related I own has its own LLC. The downside to this is you have to file a separate tax returns for each LLC, but this is not that big of an expense in the grand scheme of business. Plus it allows you to have multiple different tax expenses in each LLC! Remember, lowering your tax bill should be one of your top priorities when lowering your expenses!

You work to hard to lose everything because of a frivolous lawsuit that is out of your hands. Shit happens in life. People are always looking for a handout. You are a prime target as a business owner and a nurse practitioner. Protect the fruits of your labor and success.

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  1. Hello I follow your blog and really enjoy all the content, I am a family nurse practitioner and a psychiatric nurse practitioner, I am interested in opening a psychiatric office in the near future but I’m getting cold feet. I have purchased your e-books and will be diving into them very soon. If there’s a way that I could briefly take five or 10 minutes of your time I would love to speak with you. My phone Number is 281-569-9615 and my name is Marisa
    Thank you

  2. Thank you so much for this article. i have been operating under one LLC. This is an eye opener

  3. Once issue with this is filing taxes. My accountant charges an extra grand for every LLC or Scorp. This adds up quickly

    1. Yes, that can be problematic. The tax returns should not be that detailed though if you are just sheltering assets within multiple various LLCs, therefore they should not cost $1k each! My profitable LLCs with a lot of expenses cost about $1k, the others are just a couple hundred. You might want to look at finding another CPA.

  4. This is great info. Just to clarify, does this mean that we also have a separate LLC in every niche that we open for telemed?

    1. Not necessarily. Only if you want to function under separate businesses. For example, opioid addiction and weightloss don’t go together very well… I would do those under separate businesses.

  5. Is this the same as a Series LLC? I am in IL and they are asking if that is what this is. It says “the company has the ability to create within itself separate “series” that have their own interests, liabilities andmembers?

    1. You can do that if you want, but I personally would just obtain different LLCs to separate it out further.

  6. Hi Justin,

    I purchased your ebooks including your marketing plan but I could not find it anywhere on my end. It was purchased back in October 2021. Thank you for your time.

  7. Hi Justin,

    When you say have separate LLCs for different businesses, does this mean if I form an LLC in Wyoming for my health coaching business, this one shouldn’t own my LLC in FL (where I practice as an NP and where I will be opening a small wellness clinic in the near future)?

  8. All I can say is thank you for all the straightforward to the point information! I am a second career RN who received my PMHNP degree just this past December. The intent and focus was to open my own practice so I could get out of the rat race! Your information takes a lot of the guesswork out! Thank you!

    1. You are very welcome! Pleasure to help. Check out the psych practice startup course if you need some step by step guidance.

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