"You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others."

The Elite NURSE Practitioner Model | eBook

The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model eBook is a program of simple to follow concepts designed to assist nurse practitioners on how they can increase their professional and personal freedom. The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model provides a simple step by step procedure to help you build a financially secure and independent career as a nurse practitioner.

This eBook goes through The Elite NP Model in detail. This 143 page eBook is a straight to the point manual that will assist the nurse practitioner to break free from the shackles of modern healthcare and live a free life.

There are 6 principles that make up The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model. Utilizing just one of these principles will benefit your life. The more concepts you implement into your life, the better it will be. If you implement all 6 principles in your life, you will build a life very few nurse practitioners will ever obtain.

The Elite Nurse Practitioner 6 Step Model Summary:

  • Having a part time job

    It is vital that you keep working part time while spinning off 2-3 side businesses. This will provide enormous security to your financial life while your side businesses develop.

  • Having multiple side businesses

    You need to have at least 2 side businesses at any given time. I personally recommend 3-4 though. Having multiple income generating side businesses will create redundancy and financial security in your life (redundancy in this context means a system design that duplicates resources to provide alternatives in case one resource fails). Ensure these side practices provide a niche service. This is key.

  • Avoiding insurance and only owning cash practices

    When you accept insurance into your practice, it brings with it regulation, procedures, and policies from a 3rd party. It also invites the federal government into your business when you accept Medicaid and Medicare. By only opening cash practices, you are free do to as you wish. A cash practice is a simple practice to start and operate. A cash practice brings you more freedom to your business and professional life which ultimately results in less stress.

  • Decreasing personal expenses

    The lower your personal expenses are, the lower your money requirements will be. Plain and simple. The individual who lives below their means will be happier and less stressed than the person who does not.

  • Decreasing business expenses

    Keeping business expenses at a minimum will increase your profits. Having a business that can be operated on very few dollars is a business that is easy to create and close if needed. Remember that.

  • Being debt free

    How nice would it be not having any kind of monthly payment towards a debt? Amazing. This will create an enormous amount of freedom in your life.

These are the principles of The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model. Implementing these principles into your life as discussed in the book will benefit your life considerably:

  • You can leave the job you hate at any time. You have multiple income streams to maintain your livelihood.
  • You don’t have to put up with “collaborating” physician BS. They don’t control your life; you can do as you please because you have 3-4 other income streams!
  • You won’t be stressed about paying your bills, retirement, savings, investments, etc. You will live below your means yet bring in a considerable income. This brings an enormous amount of security to your life.
  • Because you have multiple income streams and live cheaply, you can retire much earlier! Let the physicians work until they are 70 years old. I plan on being done around 50 and enjoying a simple stress-free life in Costa Rica on the beach during the winter and at my mountain cabin fly fishing with my grandchildren during the summer.
  • You can utilize your advanced practice to its fullest extent when you do not accept insurance. When you are a cash practice, you do not have to follow insurance protocols and guidelines. You do as you wish within reason.
  • You can start a simple practice when you do not accept insurance. You do not need an expensive EMR! You don’t have to worry about meaningful use and other nonsense that is required by Medicare and Medicaid. You simply just practice!
  • You can be debt free! Imagine not having anymore “payments” in your life! How less stressed would you be?
  • You can pay the minimum amount of taxes legally required! Do you realize how much money that will save you?

This 143-page eBook will go through each principle in detail and give you instruction on how to implement it. After reading The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model, you will have the knowledge and tools to build a truly extraordinary life as a nurse practitioner.

If you buy The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model today, you will also receive a free copy of Marketing For The Elite Nurse Practitioner Side Business!

Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to build a financially secure life? Are you ready to have more freedom? Are you ready to become one of the few elite nurse practitioners? Then reading The Elite Nurse Practitioner is the first step in beginning your journey!

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