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The How to Start a Telemedicine Practice Course is Now Available!

The course that will teach you how to open a telemedicine practice has been officially released!

I have decided to include 2 PDF bonuses with this course! The first one is a nifty checklist for EVERYTHING you need to start a telemedicine specific business. The second one is a social media marketing flow chart that will help you market your telemedicine practice effectively, which will increase your chances of success!

Remember, I will be offering this course for just $197 until April 13th at midnight EST. After that, the price will go up to $247 indefinitely.

To recap:

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, our country has experienced a revolutionary transition in the way care is delivered. Patients are now realizing the convenience and safety telemedicine provides. Telemedicine companies have been hiring NPs in droves because the demand is through the roof! I predict this demand for telemedicine services will continue.

Telemedicine is exploding in growth right now because of this demand. Patients are finally realizing how convenient a telemedicine visit is compared to a standard brick and mortar medical visit. Telemedicine will be the new norm in the coming year as the pandemic winds down. Now is the time to strike if you are an NP interested in starting your own telemedicine practice.

Did you know you can live in a restricted state and practice INDEPENDENTLY in a full practice authority state via telemedicine? All you need is a state license in another state! That’s it!

This course is designed for the nurse practitioner who wants to start a high revenue/low expense telemedicine practice that can be done in a part or full-time capacity.

This course will teach a nurse practitioner who has no experience with starting a business or practicing via telemedicine how to create a telemedicine practice. Even if you already have a practice and just want to know how to integrate telemedicine into it, this course is for you! This course provides EVERYTHING you need to build a telemedicine practice from the ground floor.

You will learn:

  • The pros and cons of telemedicine.
  • The different types of telemedicine delivery.
  • The legality and risks associated with telemedicine.
  • How to navigate federal and state law.
  • How to practice across state lines.
  • The clinical practice aspects of telemedicine.
  • How to prescribe medications and order lab work from a distance.
  • How to be reimbursed by private payers, Medicaid, and Medicare.
  • The current changes in telemedicine law with the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • How to create a practice from scratch.
  • Telemedicine practice ideas.
  • How to obtain malpractice.
  • How to have a separate phone and fax for your telemedicine practice.
  • Which EMR is best for telemedicine.
  • How to build a telemedicine specific website.
  • How to video conference.
  • How to market a telemedicine practice.
  • How to utilize the consent forms provided in the course.
  • How to document telemedicine visits to CYA and be reimbursed by insurance.
  • How to price cash-based services.
  • How to SUCCEED, and much more…!

There are almost 2 hours of video and audio content where I go over a 73-slide presentation on how to create a telemedicine practice. There are also MP3s for you to download so you can learn on the go!

In addition, all the supplemental documents you need to start a telemedicine practice are included! These include informed consents, patient specific practice policies, privacy policies, order sheets, and policies and procedures. You will have EVERYTHING you need to start your own telemedicine practice. The only thing I cannot provide is the ambition and courage to get started.

If you follow the course and utilize the documentation I provide, you can start a telemedicine practice in less than 4 weeks! I guarantee that 100%.

Delivering care via telemedicine is going to become the norm among patients for multiple different medical services in the near future. Right NOW is the time to get started on your telemedicine practice! Those that get started now will be the early pioneers and will profit significantly from it. If you are looking for a low expense practice to start, you need to seriously consider opening a telemedicine practice!

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  1. Just completed this. Thank you so much. This would have taken months to research everything on my own.

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