Why Stem Cell Clinics are Amazing Side Practices

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Stem cell and regenerative medicine practices are gaining in popularity as the population ages. People who suffer from chronic degenerative musculoskeletal disease are looking for relief outside of standard medicine. There are a lot of patients who are sick of getting steroid injections in their knees, taking NSAIDs on a daily basis, and having surgery pushed on them by the standard medical community (remember, surgeons make money in the O.R., not in the office). This is the reason regenerative medicine and the use of stem cells are gaining in popularity across the country in every state!

Stem cells offer the possibility of healing old injuries, decreasing inflammation, building new tissue, and helping improve the quality of our patients lives. It offers tremendous benefits to the majority of people who undergo treatment, but it also offers tremendous benefits for the astute nurse practitioner entrepreneur! Opening a stem cell and regenerative medicine clinic could potentially make you a millionaire within 12-24 months. There are dozens of medical providers, including nurse practitioners, who have started a stem cell clinic and after just 12 months bring in a SIX FIGURE income on a monthly basis. This is not an exaggeration. I have started utilizing stem cells in my practice and the payoff is HUGE.

I have consulted with a few stem cell practice owners and the amount of revenue these clinics generate simply blows my mind. I know a nurse practitioner in the southeast who consistently brings in $100,000+ a month doing this. It is absolutely insane the profit potential regenerative medicine holds.

You must be thinking that this takes a lot of work to get started. Absolutely not… this nurse practitioner works 2 days a week for 4-6 hours seeing his stem cell patients. Do you know how he is able to do this? Because the injections are very expensive. You do not need to see a high number of patients to generate a very healthy profit.

Stem cell injections will typically cost the patient between $1,500 to $7,000 per injection! The mark up on these products are very high. Therefore, you only need to see just a few patients a month to make a nice side income. Remember, you don’t need to have 1000’s of patients, you only need 100 with most standard niche practices, but for a stem cell clinic? You only need 1 patient a month to pay for your expenses and make a profit. Yes… JUST ONE PATIENT. It is truly amazing.

What about expenses? They are minimal. You could do this as a house call business or out of a small office somewhere. You do not need a big expensive medical office. You do not need employees either. The only thing you need is some basic medical supplies and the stem cells themselves. Your biggest expense should be marketing. You must get patients through your door, and the only way to do this is by adequately marketing your practice.

What about the medical practice component? Is it complicated? Far from it. The only caveat is that you need to have the ability to do musculoskeletal injections, such as knee injections, trigger point injections, etc. Listen folks, this is not hard to learn. Performing a knee or shoulder injection is easier than starting an IV! That is not a joke… If you understand the basic anatomy of the joint and know the proper technique, anyone can inject a joint. There are hundreds of providers who have learned these techniques on their own (including myself). There are thousands of others who have taken a brief joint injection course and walked away confident in their ability.  Outside of the injection component, the rest of the medical practice side is easier than treating stage 1 hypertension. It is simple…

Any nurse practitioner reading this right now could open a stem cell clinic for practically nothing. This is the true definition of a part-time niche CASH practice that has an extremely high profit potential. You do not need to live in an affluent area, there are people everywhere who have the income to take advantage of regenerative medicine. I am aggressively expanding my stem cell service line because I see the monetary power it holds.

If you are looking for a true niche side practice with a high financial return, seriously consider a stem cell and regenerative medicine clinic. It is a fantastic side practice.

I have been working on my stem cell course diligently over the past month. I have partnered with Oliver Brown, a nurse practitioner entrepreneur who has launched a successful and profitable stem cell practice, to help me create this course so you can learn everything needed to start a stem cell clinic. I have learned so much from partnering with Oliver that I have started implementing the advice in the course myself and it has increased my volume significantly. I am planning on releasing this course on May 26th! Stay tuned for the official announcement that has more details about the course and all the bonuses I am getting together to help you succeed and break free.

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  1. Where do yet the stem cells? Do stem cells help regrow damaged tissues in the joint? Do Stem cell injections help relieve pain?

    1. The course covers where to get them. The regenerative solutions you inject contain mesenchymal stem cells, growth factors, proteins, etc. that help repair and rebuild tissue. In addition, they are hypoimmunogenic therefore they will not illicit an autoimmune response.

  2. It was my understanding research did not support the effectiveness of stem cell injections. Am I wrong?

    1. It solely depends on the source of the research. There are a multitude of studies out there that show the effectiveness of it. In addition, if it didn’t work, the patients would not be returning in droves for second and third injections. Many of the studies that show it does not have efficacy are from orthopedic societies. Doing a stem cell injection is a lot cheaper than surgery. You need to look at the studies authors interests.

      1. I’m not so sure about that. It’s not the source, but the method and ethics employed by the research group that’s important. While orthopedic societies may have a conflict of interest, it’s been my experience insurance companies will pay for what works in most cases. If stem cells worked, as proved in the scientific literature, they would pay for it. There is evidence for the knee I thought, but not much else.

        1. I agree, the method and ethics behind the research is important, but everyone also has their own interests at heart. So much research is biased, I am sure you agree with that. I do not know about insurance companies paying for what works. They are interested in their bottom line, nothing else. They are for profit entities. One reason they are not paying for stem cells is because it is still considered experimental and has not been FDA approved. If it did not work, my patients would not be coming back for additional injections and referring their friends over. Testosterone replacement is not approved if a total testosterone level is >300. Does it still dramatically improve the quality of life of men? There is no question about that. Sometimes you have to look at patient outcomes vs. what the insurance company overlords and biased research studies show.

  3. Hello,
    Your timing in impeccable, my friend and I were discussing starting a regenerative program and stem cell clinic just today. I look forward to the course release. I’m curious is there a special licensing and/or insurance needed. Can you point me to any additional resources?
    I love your posts they are so informative and innovative.
    Thank you

    1. Laura,

      There is no special license needed. The majority of malpractice policies will cover this as the most serious side effect is from the injection itself. If you practice sterile technique, the risk of infection is minimal as just as much as a standard steroid injection. There are a multitude of resources online, but not a whole lot of info that is accessible for free that teaches you what we will teach you in the course. Here are a few good sources for you check out:



  4. I am very interested in doing this. I am licensed in Texas and Arizona. Please get in touch with me if you get a chance.

    1. The FDA warnings stem from non-reputable stem cell labs and false claims being made by various providers, chiropractors, etc. If you utilize reputable stem labs (as discussed in the course) and do not make false claims, there is little to worry about. The biggest risk is infection as with any injection. As long as you utilize reputable products and practice sterile technique, your liability is low.

  5. I am so exciting for this course! I know a chiro who pays NPs $60 an hour to do stem cell injections at his practice while he makes a fortune. Thank you so much for empowering and enlightening so many of us. It is time to make myself rich, not someone else.

  6. Your awesome Justin! Thank you for all
    You do!!!
    I’m interested in this for sure! I’d love to be a review source if needed!

  7. This looks fantastic, thank you for all these different courses you release. The telemed course was awesome. I am planning on doing initial consults via telemedicine and then traveling to the patients home to do the stem cell injection. I can’t wait! What do you think?

  8. How long does it take to become proficient in performing the injections? I know everyone is different but how long of a time on average would you say it would take?

    1. Once you learn how to do each joint, you are good to go. Injecting a knee or a shoulder (most common joints) is VERY easy to do… I personally think starting an IV is harder.

  9. I’m getting ready to launch this in the next weeks/months. Taking an ultrasound-guided injection course as a refresher in a week.
    Question: is there any evidence that combining therapies (IV nutrition, IV ozone, insufflated ozone, NAD+, laser therapy, peptides) add benefit. We’re thinking about package pricing and wonder about including these therapies (all of which I currently offer) to the packages.

    1. Sure, you can combine multiple things as long as they work on different pathways. It should definitely enhance the effect.

  10. Hi, I am a PMHNP – Do I need to be an FNP to do this? I am not sure about scope of practice on this? I live in NC. Thank you!

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