3 More Days Left on The Mobile COVID and Point of Care Testing Practice Course Sale!

Reminder, there are only 3 more days left on the discounted price for The Mobile COVID and POCT Practice Course! This course is being offered for only $149 until 5/18 and then will increase to $189 indefinitely after that. Be sure to take advantage of this discounted price for step by step actionable information that can be implemented into your practice IMMEDIATELY. If you are looking for a low cost and high demand niche side practice that delivers a convenient and needed service in your community, then you should seriously consider opening a mobile point of care and COVID testing practice or consider implementing it as an additional service line into your established practice. Testing will remain in demand for the foreseeable future as events, establishments, employers, and schools continue to require testing.

To recap:

In collaboration with Jennifer Plescia, DNP, who owns a successful mobile COVID testing clinic, the Elite Nurse Practitioner is proud to announce that The Mobile COVID and Point of Care Testing Practice Course is now on sale! This course compliments the recently released House call and Mobile Practice Course as it can be implemented very easily into a standard mobile practice. The information in this course could also be used to start a stand alone “niche service” mobile point of care testing practice if you were interested in a great low liability part-time practice!

The COVID pandemic has changed how healthcare is delivered in this country. Not only has healthcare delivery changed, but multiple other industries such as food and retail have seen this radical shift in delivering convenience. The general American consumer is becoming accustomed to services and products being delivered directly to their home. For this reason, telemedicine and mobile practice will continue to flourish for the foreseeable future. Providing mobile on demand point of care testing will satisfy this ever-increasing demand.

Many practices have seen tremendous success over the past year delivering mobile COVID testing to the patient. This trend will continue and for the astute nurse practitioner entrepreneur, delivering COVID testing IN ADDITION to other CLIA-waived point of care testing would be smart move! Many patients see the value in having point of care testing done in their home vs. going to a busy urgent care or primary care office and waiting around for possible hours at a time. Because of this, many people are actively seeking out this type of convenient concierge service.

Providing mobile point of care and COVID testing can be implemented into an established practice or can be started as a great stand-alone side practice for any nurse practitioner! You can set this up as a cash model or bill insurance for it as well. Be aware though, that many patients are more than happy to pay cash simply because of the safety and convenience the mobile model delivers!

This course is a concise and straight to the point guide on how to do mobile point of care testing with a focus on COVID testing. We are focusing predominately on COVID testing as it has multiple regulatory and safety considerations surrounding it as compared to the other simple point of care tests like Strep, Influenza, and MONO, but the general mobile point of care processes are all the same regardless of the test.

This course will teach the nurse practitioner on how to start a simple mobile point of care and COVID testing practice. Be aware though, it will not go into the detail that The House Call and Mobile Practice Course goes into as that course covers every facet of a mobile practice whereas this course covers predominately the point of care and COVID testing aspects. Therefore, they complement each other very well.

This course will teach you:

What a mobile point of care and COVID testing practice is.

How to obtain a CLIA waiver.

The difference between rapid and PCR COVID testing.

When to obtain a COVID PCR test based off the rapid result and where to get the test from.

What suppliers to use to obtain the point of care tests including COVID tests.

What supplies you need for mobile point of care testing.

The Department of Health considerations and how to report COVID results.

The importance of obtaining waivers and consents regarding mobile point of care and COVID testing.

The basic marketing aspects of a mobile point of care testing practice.

The step-by-step workflow from start to finish of a point of care and/or COVID visit.

How to price your point of care services (you cannot charge for a COVID test, but you can charge for the service though).

The estimated start up and operational expenses of a mobile point of care and/or COVID testing practice.

The malpractice and business/auto liability insurance considerations.

How to succeed and more!

There are over 2 hours of video and audio content where Jennifer and I cover a 93-slide presentation about all the aspects of mobile point of care and COVID testing that YOU NEED TO KNOW. There are also audio files for you to download and/or stream so you can learn on the go!

This course will also include ALL the documentation you need regarding mobile point of care testing. This course includes COVID and point of care testing waivers, patient intake form, testing result forms, communication templates, a COVID competency training sign off (so you can train others on how to do the testing for you!) and even a start up cheat sheet! This course provides you EVERYTHING you need to get stared with mobile point of care and COVID testing!

Included as a FREE BONUS is a mini course on how to COVID test for large events. This mini course covers the “what you need to know” to test for large events such as weddings or parties. Did you know many states require that participants in large events be tested prior to entry? Additionally, people are looking for the safety associated with large event participants having negative results before being allowed to participate. This in itself could make for a great niche side practice as the demand for testing continues to grow as our country reopens. Partnering with event companies such as wedding planners and caterers could prove to be a great service line for the nurse practitioner to pursue!

If you follow the information in this course, you could have a small mobile point of care and COVID testing practice up and running in a matter of 3-4 weeks! I guarantee that as it is very simple. All it takes from you is the courage to take action and get started!

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