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Announcing the Release of The Elite Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam Review Course

The Elite Nurse Practitioner is proud to announce the release of The Elite Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam Review Course! This course is the ultimate “no BS” course on how to pass your FNP/ANP/AGNP certification exam! Not only will this course concisely teach you how to effectively pass your certification exam, but it also includes a FREE BONUS course on How to Survive and SUCCEED in your First Year as a New Nurse Practitioner! This is the only course on the market that will prepare you for your exam AND your first year as a new nurse practitioner!

Justin Allan MSN-FNP, the founder of The Elite Nurse Practitioner, has partnered with Bradley Williams MSN-FNP, who has helped hundreds of nurse practitioners pass their exam on the first try, to develop the most concise certification exam prep course on the market! Both authors of this course scored in the 99% percentile on their certification exams and now will teach the nurse practitioner student exactly what they need to know to pass their test!

The Elite NP certification exam review course is unique in that it cuts out the fluff you do not need to know to accomplish your one goal: pass the exam so you can move on with your life! We will teach you WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW to pass your exam in a short and concise way.

The material in the course has been developed over years of research and experience teaching other nurse practitioner students on how to pass their exam. The reason why students like this course is that it is straight to the point and presented as short bullet point snippets of information that can easily be memorized. Our goal is to teach you what you need to know instead of overwhelming your mind with hundreds and hundreds of pages of information.

This short and sweet course does not overwhelm the student with information overload like many other courses and 400-page review guides. Instead, we have broken down the material, system by system, for what you need to know to pass so you can start your career sooner rather than later! Not only do we teach you how to pass, but I will personally provide you tips and a simple plan on how to not only survive, but how to FLOURISH as a new nurse practitioner.

Yes, you can make $200,000 or more as a nurse practitioner!

Yes, you can be professionally and financially independent as a nurse practitioner!

Yes, you can operate your own successful practice!

Yes, you can be paid what you are truly worth!

But you first need to understand how to maximize your potential through contract negotiation, landing a solid position, learning actionable and in-demand skills, and even starting your own side practice! I will teach you how to do this in the BONUS section that is included in this course at no additional charge!

This course is broken down into 3 sections:

1. The video lecture: This is a 4-hour video lecture where Justin Allan and Bradley Williams will cover the information that is VITAL to know to pass your exam and succeed in your first year as a nurse practitioner. Unlike most exam preparation courses that are live and just a one-time deal, this can be watched as many times as you want, whenever you want! Additionally, the audio is available for you to stream or download so you can listen on the go. You can watch the entire course just hours prior to your exam!

2. A rapid review guide: This expands more from the video lecture about the points YOU MUST KNOW to crush your certification examination. This is available on your PC, phone, or mobile device so you can review it wherever and whenever you want.

3. A comprehensive review guide: This covers the information presented in the video presentation and rapid review guide in more detail so you can solidify the information in your mind. This also contains a plethora of practical clinical pearls that will help you during your first year!

These 3 components, when reviewed and studied together, will guarantee your success on passing the boards. We are so confident in that statement that we provide a 100% money back guarantee if you do not pass the exam on your first try. Every Elite Nurse Practitioner course comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I have a 0.6% return rate for a reason: what I teach PRODUCES results, not impractical nursing theory fluff!

Remember, The Elite Nurse Practitioner mission is to help every nurse practitioner build successful professional, financial, and personal lives, so for this reason, the bonus section of the course called “How to Survive and Succeed in Your First Year as an NP” is provided at no extra cost!

I will cover all the vital components of credentialing, licensing, your first position, contract negotiation, billing insurance, malpractice, liability mitigation, charting, clinical efficiency, nurse practitioner entrepreneurism, and much more! You need to understand the real-world aspects of being an NP as school does not prepare you for that, which is why we are including it as part of this course as a FREE BONUS! Graduating from school and passing your exam is just the FIRST STEP to the rest of your life, and I am here to make sure you are taking the right step to optimize your success!

We are also giving you a resume template to use and a medical billing/coding cheat sheet to help you get started!

So, if you want to pass your boards, understand how to survive your first year, and learn how to truly succeed as a new nurse practitioner, then check out The Elite Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam Review Course with the BONUS “How to Survive and Succeed in Your First Year as an NP Course” included at no additional cost! You have absolutely nothing to lose with our 100% money back guarantee if you do not pass your exam and will also gain the knowledge needed to succeed as a nurse practitioner!

This course is being offered for only $199 for a limited time! This is one of the most affordable certification exam prep courses on the market that it will also teach you how to survive your first year as a new nurse practitioner! The BONUS course alone is worth the price as it is my recipe for success for the nurse practitioner! Begin the process NOW to set yourself apart and become one of the ELITE nurse practitioners!

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