“You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others.”

Nurse Practitioner Success = Trying, Failing, Learning, THEN Succeeding

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A business mentor of mine gave me some powerful words a couple years ago that really helped me to stay motivated, positive, and to keep moving forward. He told me:

“You have to TRY first and foremost. Most entrepreneurs will fail in one aspect or another. But the ones that succeed will learn from their mistakes and failure, but they will TRY again and then succeed. It really is that simple Justin: TRY, FAIL, and LEARN… That is how to succeed in this life.”

This resonated with me and once I began to internalize it, it made so much sense! It is just like learning how to ride a bike… You will bust your ass a few times, but you will eventually get it. It is the same with business. Even many years after the start of my entrepreneurial journey, understanding and remembering this concept is CRITICALLY important when developing the appropriate mindset needed to succeed.

I have been writing a lot about mindset lately and for good reason: it is the MOST important aspect to your success. When you are first getting started, you might not think it matters but trust me, IT DOES. Any seasoned and successful entrepreneur will tell you the same. Even if you have a practice up and running and are losing steam, then you need to begin developing this mindset to keep pushing forward!


Persistence separates the successful nurse practitioner entrepreneur from the failures.

Motivation is your momentum.

You must fail to succeed.

Do not let FEAR get the best of you!

Most importantly though, remember the simple steps necessary to develop long term success as a nurse practitioner:


It really is that simple.

This is what happens to the majority of nurse practitioner entrepreneurs, and really, entrepreneurs in general:

They get a great idea and IF they break through the analysis paralysis stage, they then TRY.

This is great, they are taking action! But after a little time, it can become problematic…

They TRY and then they fail because they hit a few inevitable speedbumps or their business did not go as planned… Well guess what? 50% of small businesses fail after five years… Do you know how many try again? A minuscule fraction.

The ones that do try again though LEARN from the failure and ultimately succeed. Research shows that second time entrepreneurs and serial entrepreneurs (like myself) succeed in far greater numbers than the first time one. Why? Because they LEARN from their mistakes and their previous business ventures. Do you think an MBA will help you? Hah… most entrepreneurs don’t even have a business degree. You succeed by learning in the trenches… by actually DOING business, not PLAYING business…

Learning from your mistakes and TRYING again takes significant mental fortitude and strength. Adopting the victim mindset instead will do nothing but prevent you from realizing your true power and worth. Developing this mental strength is VITALLY important because it is what is necessary to TRY again, but the second time is different. You have learned. You have grown. You now know what NOT to do and now know what TO DO. You can learn from others, which is what The Elite NP is all about, but ultimately, you have to go out on your own and TRY. I can provide you the steps necessary to get on the path to success, but you ultimately have to TRY, and sometimes, TRY AGAIN!

This is the amazing thing that happens once you try again:

Your business runs far more efficiently than your first try.

What does this translate into?


I have failed in so many aspects of my life… personal, family, relationship, finance, and entrepreneurial. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I have failed. I have failed more times than I have succeeded. I can promise you that! There are still aspects within my successful businesses that continue to fail like an ineffective marketing campaign or a botched job from a contractor for example…

But the accumulation of all these failures has made me the person I am today. I know what TO DO and what NOT TO DO in life to provide the results I am looking for. I have learned from others, but ultimately it has been the personal trials and tribulations throughout my life that has given me the ability to now succeed. Don’t get me wrong, I still continue to learn and try! This is true for the vast majority of successful entrepreneurs out there! This is the good news for the nurse practitioner entrepreneur though:

You hold a POWERFUL license and skillset that can provide you a professionally and financially abundant life. You just need to understand how to unlock the potential. Many entrepreneurs would KILL for what we can do. Think about it! You can open a small practice for $5000 that is almost immediately profitable, requires very little overhead, and has the potential to help hundreds of people in your community (or across the country if you have a telemedicine practice). It is a blessing in disguise friends.


If you are on the fence about starting a new practice, scaling your current practice, hiring a new employee, investing in real estate, learning and integrating a new niche service into your practice, fixing your relationships, or whatever else it may be in life, then remember what it takes to succeed with that task. You have to try, you will fail in some aspect or another, you will learn from that mistake, and then you will try it again and ultimately succeed. Never give up. Stay persistent. TRY AGAIN until you succeed!

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