Don’t Operate From a State of Fear

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We all experience fear. It is part of the human condition and has been ingrained into our minds and bodies for thousands of years. Fear is a mechanism that is supposed to protect us from the dangers of the world. The problem though is that we are no longer being chased by a tiger or having our village plundered by an opposing tribe, so experiencing fear is an emotion that is typically unwarranted in modern times.

Did you know that we live in one of the safest periods of time in all of human history? Violence, poverty, equality, and food scarcity are at all time lows. We live in an amazing time filled with abundance and safety, yet we still fear and experience anxiety… Why is this? Because operating from a place of fear is ingrained into us and for the nurse practitioner entrepreneur, you need to learn how to operate in a state of abundance instead!

Operating from a state of fear will do nothing but hold you back from your true potential.

Operating from a state of fear will prevent you from taking the SMALL risks necessary to start your own business.

Operating from a state of fear will prevent you from building a life of financial and professional freedom because this fear will paralyze you and you will just continue relying on your employer, or God forbid the government, to provide for your family.

Operating from a state of fear will simply prevent you from success!

Our society operates from a state of fear. People have developed a victim mindset and a learned helplessness over the past 2 decades. But this is good for you! Why? Because this fear is holding back EVERYONE else and for the select elite few, opportunity abounds once you shift your mental state!

I want every one of my Elite NP sisters and brothers to shift their mindset to one of abundance. It is THIS type of mindset that will help you break free and build an unimaginable life. Why is this? Because when you come from a place of abundance, rather than fear and scarcity, the world opens up into UNLIMITED opportunity and possibilities!

Operating from a fearful scarcity mindset will do one thing that will ultimately hold back the nurse practitioner entrepreneur from greatness:

It will prevent you from seeking out the unlimited opportunity around you because you believe the only way to survive is through the model society has taught you: full time employment.

On the other hand, operating from a mindset of abundance provides you EXACTLY what you need as a nurse practitioner entrepreneur:

It will give you confidence.

It will shift your viewpoint from seeing nothing but scarcity to that of unlimited opportunity.

It will show you that the only thing holding you back from greatness is you alone. Remember, everything in this world is a product of YOUR actions, not the worlds.

It will show you that you can build businesses and income streams that work for YOU, and not you working for THEM.

If your default state is one of fear and scarcity, I want you to begin looking at the world through the lens of unlimited potential. When your mind resorts back to the fear mindset (and it will), you need to be able to identify those LIMITING BELIEFS, squash them, and shift back to the abundance mindset. If you do not, you will stay in a state of fear and never progress and grow as a powerful nurse practitioner.

I want to give you a personal example:

When I was practicing in my previous restrictive hell hole of a state, I operating from a state of fear and scarcity. I was 100% reliant on ONE job that required a collaborator, an employer that didn’t care about me, and a system designed to prevent the nurse practitioner from growth. I was fearful to speak out and make a change because I did not want to lose my job. If I lost it, what would I do? Go bankrupt? Lose my house? Not be able to put food on the table? These are all FEARFUL and negative thoughts. I was operating from a place of fear and scarcity. These fears prevented me from moving forward…

Then something amazing happened one day. I listened to a podcast from a guy who started multiple businesses (outside of medicine) and built location independent income streams. He went over the process on how he did this and a light-bulb went off in my mind. I thought:

“Why am I still living here in this state making other people rich and constantly living in fear? I am powerful. I am smart. I KNOW I can do better.”

And this mindset stuck around with persistent positive thinking. I found another job across the country and within 3 months of moving there, I opened up my first practice. Within 4 years I have started 2 men’s health clinics, a successful telemedicine practice that I ended up selling, a flourishing medical cannabis practice, The Elite Nurse Practitioner, and a healthy rental real estate portfolio.

Do you know how I did this? I stopped operating from a mental state of fear to that of abundance. I am not even close to stopping because I see the unlimited amount of opportunity around me. I am even exploring a few different food franchise opportunities because I want to start building a business portfolio outside of healthcare. I want to be financially redundant. I want as many income streams as possible.

There are TRILLIONS of dollars floating around for the taking my friends. Either you remain fearful and enjoy the scraps that are given to you, or you shift your mindset to that of abundance and learn how to get just a small piece of the pie that is out there. That is how you build an amazing life, but it first starts with changing your MINDSET 😊

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  1. Thank you for this post today. I’ve been and am paralyzed by fear. I want so desperately to open a clinic but again, that fear creeps in and keeps me paralyzed. My husband this morning (out of the blue) said he would support my decision to open a clinic if I wanted to and he would even help! Wow, that was huge. So as I was driving over an hour to get to work this morning, I began to really think about the fear that’s holding me back, fear of the unknown, fear of failure.. blah, blah, blah.
    I’m early for my appt so I pulled into a parking lot, opened up my emails and there you are, talking about the very thing I’ve been ruminating over for the last hour. Thank you.

    1. Kathryne,

      You are welcome, I am happy to hear the article came at the right time 🙂 You have support from your husband, so that is HUGE! Listen, there really is nothing to be scared of. We are all fearful when opening a business, it is part of it, but remember this: there is nothing to be fearful of… once you get started, you will look back and say “what the hell was I so scared of? This is a piece of cake!”

  2. Thank you for this post. I have been in the process of reprogramming my mind as to how I think and getting rid of my limiting beliefs and it has help me start 3 businesses and expand my real estate portfolio. Mind set is a game changer we are only born with 2 fears 1) falling and 2) loud noises all the rest of our fears are made up and taught to us. If we can get that concept I think it will help us make a lot of progress in our lives. I’m still cracking up at “restrictive hell hole of a state” because that is exactly what they the are and I cant agree more. Have an awesome day and thanks again.

    1. That is so awesome Syceria. Congrats on your success 🙂 You are right, your mindset is absolutely CRITICAL to your success as a nurse practitioner entrepreneur. Our fears are learned, therefore can be UNLEARNED. I am happy you thought that was funny as well… NPs that practice in restrictive states have no idea what they are missing in independent ones! The grass TRULY is greener on the other side!

  3. Hello I woke up this morning after staying up late last night reading the IV hydration social media of all the people already doing this. It is amazing how much support there is out there among each other. I am contemplating until I get out of FNP school but then I realize this is an excuse because I have the least amount of work then I ever have had since started simply because I am down to my last two courses. COVID has had me rethinking so much I am so fired up about health and keeping people healthy aside from being a RN I have this strong fire inside how I want to help people stay healthy after seeing so much death at the bedside. It is definitely a passion burning desire I need to capture and launch my own business as a functional medicine coach and IV hydration. Right now I am going through paralysis analysis. I need help to gain confidence to launch. I am not sure why I can complete two degrees but yet I can not even figure out what I need to start where do I start is what keeps going in my mind? I want to start a testosterone Mens health clinic can you advise on a social media or any information that would help me gain information?

    1. Greetings Veronica,

      You came to the right place! If you are interested in learning how to provide these niche health and wellness service lines, I urge you to explore the rest of this website. Please visit our courses page HERE where we provide courses that teach the NP on how to provide a plethora of different service lines. You can also join the Elite NP Inner Circle which is a private forum where myself and the rest of the membership help you along the way or join the Elite NP FB group page. Also feel free to reach out to me at and I would be more than happy to help you along the process. You can do this 🙂 Analysis paralysis is just a mind trick and you can break through this, I promise!

  4. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and your efforts to advance NPs. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and talents with us.

    1. My pleasure Melodie! Even if an article just helps ONE nurse practitioner, than my job is complete. Thank you for the comment 🙂 Please feel free to reach out if you ever need help!

  5. Wow! I found my mentor. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and encouraging others like myself to break free from corporate greed.
    I’m a single mother that has always worked 2+ jobs to financially support my kids, working hard and being committed isn’t a problem for me but I’ve been brainwashed to fear authority figures.
    Reading your articles and listening to your podcast has really lit a fire in me.

    1. Awesome 🙂 Yes, do not fear the administrators and physician overlords. They owe you nothing and you owe them nothing. Venture out on your own. That is what will truly set you free.

  6. Do you have any specifics for SC . We require colaneration and I have a single state FNP license . I would need to employe a doctor on the payroll to be able to operate .

    1. Yes, you need to have a collaborator but outside of that the process in SC should be the same for any other practice startup

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