How to Find a Physician Collaborator

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For the nurse practitioner who practices in a restrictive state, having a physician collaborator is required by law. An important first step in developing a hiring strategy for a collaborating physician is reviewing your state’s policies. The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) provides an easy to use map tool for detailed information on specific regions. Some nurse practitioners will utilize a collaborator for clinical support, but others may use collaborating physicians solely for regulatory compliance. If you are in search of a collaborating physician, use this guide to find the right fit for your practice.

Ask a trusted colleague for recommendations

Cultivating and maintaining a strong professional network of medical providers should be a top priority for NPs. Putting in the effort to network can pay off when you are hiring physician collaborator. Get in touch with colleagues you respect, whether they are an M.D. or a fellow NP. These people can serve as a trusted resource during your search, and can potentially recommend physicians who match your work style and requirements.

Social media can also be a great tool for connecting with other professionals. Put out some feelers via LinkedIn or Facebook. A social media friend or follower may know someone who is perfect for the job!

Create an online listing for a physician collaborator position

If you do not have strong personal connections, online job boards can be a great alternative. Many nurse practitioners find their collaborator this way, and digital ads can help you cast a wider net for potential candidates. Elite NP recommends starting with Indeed, Facebook Marketplace, and Glassdoor. Do not spam dozens of job boards with your listing. Your posts may get removed, or you may attract excessive amounts of unqualified candidates.

Cold call medical offices

Use Google to find primary care, pain management, alternative medicine, and psych offices in your area. Call each one and say “I am [your name], a nurse practitioner interested in establishing a clinic. I am in need of a physician collaborator. I wanted to know if your practice’s physician would be interested in collaborating with me for a fee. Could you please relay this message to them? Thank you.” You may have to call ten offices before one calls you back, but plenty of M.D.s are open to collaborator roles.

Choosing the right physician collaborator

While a collaborating physician may be a necessary addition to your practice, make sure to carefully vet candidates before offering them the job. Conduct a comprehensive interview process, ask thoughtful questions, and determine if they are a good cultural fit for your practice. A physician might have strong clinical skills but may hard to get along with. A collaborating physician should make your job easier, not harder!

Rate negotiation is also crucial. Use this cost calculation guide to confirm that you are not over or under paying your collaborating physician. You should aim to hit the sweet spot between cost efficiency and competitive compensation.

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  1. Thank you for this simple and straight to the point article. I love the way you skip the BS and get to business. You are really doing something great here for NPs.

  2. Question,
    for example a cardiologist is interested in a collaborating roll for an aesthetics, injectables NP, is it required for him to be trained and what malpractice insurance issues should we be aware of?

    1. Depends on the state. Some states require the supervisor to be trained in the specialty being provided whereas most do not. That is a question to ask your BON. Most malpractice companies won’t care. They will just default to your states law/regulations.

  3. I tried posting to indeed. They won’t publish my job posting until I pay them $37/day. Does this sound right?

    1. Unfortunately, they are requiring more and more people to pay when it comes to healthcare jobs….

  4. It was most captivating when you shared that asking your colleague is the cheapest way to find a medical collaborator. My friend wants their collaboration to be helpful. I should advise her to look for a collaborator with positive reviews.

  5. Hello I am an Aprn and I am looking for a collaboritive physician. Is a website that I can go onto to find someone who may take me on?

      1. Does anyone know what the average collaborative physician cost is for starting a men’s health clinic? Also any recommendations for online services that do this?

  6. Justin, if I find a physician colleague who is willing to be collaborative dr for our clinic, do we provide separate malpractice insurance for him or does his fee to us include that purchase? thanks, Lisa

    1. Normally they can just add you to their individual policy as someone they are supervising. If not, then you would just need to talk with them about splitting the malpractice costs.

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