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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #86

Did you know there are 3 muscles that cause the formation of frown lines (wrinkles in between the eyes)? The procerus and 2 corrugator muscles are a component of the glabellar complex which all work together to create the 11’s between the eyebrows.

When treating 11’s and injecting Botox into the medial corrugator, slightly aim your needle tip up and away from the eye. This will provide better results and prevent the annoying side effect of eyelid ptosis!

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  1. Hello,
    I am very interested in this course, for the start up portion is this incorporating California law?, in terms of a startup? thanks

    1. Every state is different Stephanie… It would be impractical for us to cover every single state law in terms of aesthetics… we do cover how you can find out the information you need though to get started for each state and the “general” process of getting started, which is the same for each state. I know CA requires a nursing corporation and a supervisor, outside of that, I am not familiar with CA specific law as I do not live there.

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