Why Aesthetics and Botox Injection Clinics are a Great Niche Practice!

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Medical aesthetics has been a growing niche service line for 2 decades and continues to grow as the demand increases. I am sure every single nurse practitioner reading this has seen an aesthetics and Botox practice. There is a reason for this: it makes for an almost instantly profitable business. There are few businesses that can be profitable from the get-go, and aesthetics is one of those.

The medical aesthetics industry is a 64.6 BILLION DOLLAR market. That is right… There is HUGE money within medical aesthetics. It is estimated that this market will double over the next 10 years. This is a MODERN-DAY gold rush, and this is a reason why so many medical providers ranging from nurse practitioners, physicians, and even dentists are providing these services in their practice.

Opening a medical aesthetics and Botox practice or integrating it into an already established practice is a smart business move. This great niche service has a high demand, is relatively inexpensive to start, the liability is generally low, and it is safe. Any nurse practitioner with a basic understanding of the anatomy of the face can inject Botox. It is relatively simple to learn and integrate into your practice!

Medical aesthetics and Botox injections compliment any type of wellness focused business. The same clientele that utilizes hormone replacement therapy, IV hydration, and weight loss will also be interested in Botox! Don’t think that only female patients take advantage of this either. I am now offering this at my men’s health practice with TREMENDOUS interest! Even if you do not have a wellness focused practice, having it as an additional service line in a primary care practice will also create another revenue stream for the practice owner.

Medical aesthetics and Botox can be delivered either in a brick-and-mortar practice or via the mobile/house call route! If you go with the former, your expenses will be significantly reduced, and you will be providing the convenience patients want and VALUE! You can also integrate telemedicine into an aesthetics practice by utilizing it for the initial consultation. Simply offer free video consultations where you can see the patient face to face over live video and discuss treatment options with them. Once the consultation is done, they can then sign all their initial consent forms digitally. After this, the patient comes to your practice, or you drive to their home where you do the Botox injections. Piece of cake!

The educational requirements to provide Botox injections are straight forward. There are no certifications required to do this but be aware that malpractice companies will typically want to see a certificate of completion with a course (our course provides this). Many nurse practitioners believe hands on training is required, and while this is recommended, I do not believe it is an absolute requirement if you are comfortable and confident with injection procedural skills. Botox is simply just shallow injections where very small amounts of neurotoxin are injected into the various muscles of the face. The key here is to know where and how deep to inject. This is not difficult to learn, and most courses provide this information. I had no problem utilizing the videos present in The Elite NP course to begin doing Botox injections with my men’s health practice, but I am confident with my procedural ability. Additionally, you can obtain some hands-on training free from the various pharmaceutical reps that sell neurotoxins!

Outside of the educational requirements, the business components of an aesthetics and Botox practice are easy to put together. The key with an aesthetics practice is ensuring you have adequate malpractice coverage, you have multiple pharmaceutical accounts set up, have the appropriate supplies needed to inject, and provide a comfortable and inviting environment for your patients. You do not need a large office for an aesthetics practice. A small 500 square foot office is more than enough! As I mentioned earlier, you can even do this out of your car.

The key to success with any business is marketing, and aesthetics is no different. The good news though is that patients will typically be looking for you! As long as you can be found easily (having a Google Business listing, nice website, etc.) then you will obtain patients relatively easily and quickly. Building a solid base of repeat aesthetics patients should not take you long as word of mouth spreads and your marketing efforts pick up traction. You could have a practice with a solid patient roster generating $10,000 or more in profit within 6-12 months. Tell me another part-time job that you could pick up that would do this for you? You can’t because they don’t exist unless you make the job yourself by starting your own practice!

If you already own a practice, then integrating Botox injections into it could provide for a nice revenue stream as well. One unit of Botox typically costs the clinic $5-6, and you will charge $12-14 per unit. The margins are solid.

One of the best parts of an aesthetics practice is that it is a cash business as well. Insurance = headaches and Botox injections are cash only. Therefore, you do not need to worry about dealing with pre-authorizations, credentialing, and nonsense guidelines that dictate your practice that the insurance companies shove down your throat.

The initial investment for an aesthetics and Botox clinic will be approximately $10,000. This will be totally dependent on where you are located and your overall expenses. Very few businesses can be started for $10,000 that will be an almost guaranteed money maker. Give me an investment where I can put $10,000 into it and receive $10,000 a month profit within 6-12 months. If you can, email me.

The overall expenses are relatively low. The biggest aesthetic specific expenses will be the injection supplies and neurotoxins, but this will be dependent on your volume. Overall, the expenses will be as typical as any other medical practice such as rent, utilities, insurance, etc.

And finally, it is extremely rewarding! You will see the results in your patient’s appearance within a week! You will be seeing patients that WANT to look and feel better vs. the non-compliant patient. The patients will truly be grateful for the service you are providing as they are wanting to look their best. Additionally, there is an art to this. It is not like using a treatment algorithm for treating hypertension. To me, this is one of the best parts of aesthetics and Botox. Having the ability to utilize an artistic/creative side of your mind while practicing is a win win! Not only it is extremely satisfying for you, but it also is for the patient.

You should really consider opening an aesthetics practice if you are looking for a proven clinic model that can be done on a part-time basis and result in a healthy profit margin. You also need to consider integrating this into your established practice if you want to provide an additional in demand revenue stream. Put simply, aesthetics and Botox are profitable services that ANY nurse practitioner can integrate into their practice.

Reminder, the Aesthetics and Botox Clinic Course has been released. This course will teach you everything you need to know to get an aesthetics practice up and running in addition to teaching you the clinical foundation of Botox injections! We cover everything you need to get started. I utilized the clinical information Cassie (the co-author) provided in the course and am now giving Botox injections to my men’s health patients! It is a cinch! So, be sure to take advantage of the discounted price on the course before the sale ends on 7/3!

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