7 Days Left for the The Aesthetics and Botox Clinic Course Sale!

I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased and gone through the course so far. I have received nothing but positive feedback on the course from nurse practitioners who want to start their own stand alone aesthetics practice or those simply looking to integrate another service line into their practice. We have even had a few nurse practitioners say that this course was superior to other aesthetics and Botox courses they have taken. So again, thank you!

Reminder, the Aesthetics and Botox Clinic Course is still on sale for only $599 until 7/3 at 11:59pm EST. After that, the price will go up to $699 indefinitely. This is the most cost-effective aesthetics and Botox course on the market today as we cover both the business and clinical aspects of starting an aesthetics and Botox practice! Most courses cover one or the other and are more expensive. So, take advantage of the discounted price before the sale ends on 7/3!

To recap:

After hundreds of requests over the past year, The Elite Nurse Practitioner and Cassie Lane, CRNA, DNAP with Injectables EDU, are proud to announce The Aesthetics and Botox Clinic Course! This course is designed for the nurse practitioner who is interested in opening a high revenue aesthetics practice that can be done on YOUR TERMS!

This course is the only straight to the point aesthetics course designed SPECIFICALLY for nurse practitioners on the market today! This course will teach the nurse practitioner business owner on all the business aspects of how to start an aesthetics practice PLUS the clinical aspects of Botox. Most aesthetics training programs on the market charge separately for each component, but not ours! A true value for our nurse practitioner sisters and brothers 😊 

Let’s face it, aesthetics practices are super-HOT right now. Aesthetics, and more specifically Botox, has been a BOOMING field over the past 10-15 years, and for good reason: the population is aging, and they want to look younger! The good news? This population has the disposable income to spend on cosmetic and aesthetic services! What does this mean? An excellent opportunity for the astute nurse practitioner entrepreneur!

Aesthetics and Botox injections will continue to flourish over the foreseeable future. The medical aesthetics market is a 65 BILLION DOLLAR market and is expected to DOUBLE over the next decade. That is right, it will DOUBLE to a 130 BILLION DOLLAR market over the next ten years. Right NOW is the time to get a piece of the pie for the up and coming nurse practitioner entrepreneur. You would be a fool not to!

Aesthetics practices utilizing Botox can be started as a standalone clinic or integrated into practically ANY type of practice ranging from primary care to even men’s health (that’s right, men want their wrinkles to go away as well!). I think it would be very unwise for any nurse practitioner out there not to be integrating aesthetic services into their practice… the demand is there, so why not fill it?!

This course is designed to teach the nurse practitioner who has ZERO experience with aesthetics or how to administer a Botox injection on all the business components of operating an aesthetics practice and the clinical aspects of how to provide Botox injections to their patients safely and effectively. We provide you step by step instruction on how to do Botox injections for the most common places on the face!

This course will truly provide you the FOUNDATIONAL education you need to get started with aesthetics and Botox successfully!

You will learn:

  • What aesthetics is and how it can be integrated into your practice.
  • The foundational science and clinical aspects of Botulinum Toxin A (Botox).
  • How to inject Botox successfully, safely, and effectively.
  • How to utilize Botox for the Glabellar Complex, Forehead, Brow Lift, Crow’s Feet, Malar Bags, Bunny Lines, Lip Flip, Marionette Lines, and Chin.
  • The complications possible with each injection site and how to prevent and treat them.
  • The legalities and liabilities associated with aesthetics.
  • The aspects of having or needing a medical director.
  • How to start the practice from scratch.
  • How to market an aesthetics practice.
  • Where to obtain the medications and supplies.
  • How to document aesthetics visits and procedures.
  • How to price services.
  • Where to get malpractice insurance.
  • And much, much more!

This course also includes multiple instructional videos on how to inject Botox for each referenced area of the face! These videos were personally done by Cassie with actual patients and are integrated directly into the course! They are very well done!

This course will include all the supplemental documentation you will need to get started including informed consents, patient intake forms, a progress/procedural note template, liability waiver form, patient clinic policies, privacy policies, and post injection instructions. This course has everything you need to get started with aesthetics! The only thing I cannot provide you is the courage to get started! (Disclaimer: this course does not provide medical directorship contracts as those need to be drafted to fit your individual needs and are not applicable to many nurse practitioners, especially those in full practice authority states.).

There are 7 hours of video and audio content where Cassie and I go over a 181-slide presentation in detail. There will also be audio files for you to stream so you can learn on the go!

If you are looking for a high revenue, low liability, and relatively simple practice to get started, then you need to take this course! Integrating aesthetic services into your practice is a WIN-WIN situation for any nurse practitioner looking to make a great income! The demand will only continue to increase, so get into this flourishing niche while you can!

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