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IV-Infusion Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

I have been receiving dozens of emails and messages from nurse practitioners with various questions about the IV-Infusion Clinic Course and IV-Infusion Therapy in general. I would like to go over some frequently asked questions to help assist everyone with determining if opening an IV-Infusion Clinic is right for them.

Do I have to have a specialized certification for an IV-Infusion Clinic?

It depends! Some states require certain certifications from the board of pharmacy to mix the IV bags in your practice. Otherwise, there are no specific certifications or licenses necessary to start an IV-Infusion Clinic outside of the normal licenses required by your state, such as a business license, nursing license, etc… Therefore, you do not need to be “certified” to provide IV-Infusions like you would to prescribe Suboxone, for example.

Are the supplies expensive?

Not at all! As long as you purchase the supplies from the suppliers we recommend, you can expect that YOUR cost will be approximately $10 per IV infusion.

How much money can I expect to make providing IV-Infusions?

It totally depends on your area and how much you are going to charge! The average cost for an infusion in this country is around $150. Therefore, if you only see 10 patients on a Saturday morning to provide hangover treatment, you can expect to bring in $1,500 in revenue. Minus expenses such as the supplies, rent, utilities, and marketing, you can expect that to be around $900-$1,000 in profit. Not bad for a few hours of work!

Do I need to have a physician “medical director?”

This depends on your state regulations. If you live in a state that restricts nurse practitioner practice, then yes, you will need to have a physician collaborator/supervisor to do this. On the other hand, if you live in a full practice authority state that allows nurse practitioners to function independently, then you do not need a physician to start this.

Could I start a stand-alone IV-Infusion Clinic?

Yes, and you should seriously consider doing this as a side practice! Starting a small Drip Lounge makes for a FANTASTIC part-time side business. Anyone can start an IV-Infusion Clinic as long as you follow the advice in the course!

I already own a practice; can I just add this as a service to it?

Absolutely. If you own a Med Spa, for example, then you should seriously consider integrating IV-Infusion therapies into it! It makes for a great additional revenue stream that is low liability and low overhead.

Is having a DEA number necessary?

Nope… Nothing you are doing is utilizing a controlled substance.

Are IV-Infusions FDA approved?

Unless the individual presents with dehydration, then IV therapy for wellness purposes are not considered a medical necessity, therefore it is not FDA approved. Is it safe? Yes, but this is to enhance people’s well-being more times than not. Will you get in trouble for providing “off label” or “not medically necessary” treatments? No… hundreds of practices are doing this without an issue and tens of thousands of providers prescribe “off label” treatments daily. As always, check with your state’s regulatory boards if you have any further questions.

Does medical insurance pay for this?

No, insurance does not reimburse for IV-Infusion services, unless the patient presents for dehydration and needs IV-fluids. This is what makes this side practice such a great business though! Operating a cash only practice decreases the headaches and complexity within your practice. There is no waiting around for insurance reimbursement, you are paid on the day of service!

Will this course teach me how to start an IV-Infusion Clinic from scratch?

Yes, the course covers everything from the practice startup, what supplies you need, where to order the supplies, the various different cocktails recommended to get started, how to market the practice, and everything you need to know on how to start a business!

Will this course go over how to market an IV-Infusion Clinic?

Absolutely! Remember, MARKETING IS THE NUMBER ONE FUNCTION OF YOUR BUSINESS. You have to get the word out about your practice, if you do not, no one will know you exist! We go over how you can market this practice successfully.

Will I have unlimited access to this course?

Yes, all The Elite Nurse Practitioner Courses are accessible at any time indefinitely!

Will this offer CME?

Unfortunately, it will not. I do not think it is fair that our credentialing agencies charge upwards of $10,000 to certify medical education. If I was to do this, I would have to pass along the costs to my readers. My goal is to provide affordable products, not overpriced courses that are $1,000 or more in price. You will receive a certificate at the end of the course though to submit for reimbursement!

Remember, the IV-Infusion Clinic Course is now on sale! This course will be on sale for just $399 until August 27th! After that, the price will go up to $499 indefinitely. The sale price for this course is cheaper than any other IV course on the market to the best of my knowledge.

The IV-Infusion Clinic Course includes EVERYTHING you need to start a Drip Lounge from scratch!

If your goal is to build a cash only niche side practice, then seriously consider starting an IV-Infusion Clinic! The best part about this type of niche practice is that it is very part time and can potentially be a great source of passive income for the astute nurse practitioner entrepreneur!

41 Responses

  1. I don’t have my NP degree yet but would like to enroll in IV Infusion clinic, can I start my IV infusion clinic as an RN.

  2. Does your program include info re: LLC, collaborating agreement templates also? I’m in Michigan.
    Thank you

    1. Kristin,

      Yes, it includes the business creation components and everything you need to know to get started. We do not include a physician collaboration agreement as half the states in this country don’t require it, but you can certainly email me for one after you take the course.

  3. Do you have any guidance on finding a MD collaborator? I’m licensed in a FPA state but am presently in a state that requires a collaborative agreement.

  4. Do you happen to know if FL required physician supervision to have an infusion clinic? I have an autonomous FL NP license.

    1. You are only autonomous in FL if you are providing primary care services. If you are doing IVs out of a primary care office, then you are good. If you are doing just IVs, then you can’t.

  5. Does the Dr. need to be working with you or i mean i partnership with you to get the orders or can you just randomly call up a good friend who is a dr and have the orders placed each time? Not sure how to go about this part. If i want to own the company as a RN, do i ask a dr to come work for me or ask them to go in partners with me? I would like to be the sole owner. I have lots of friends that are drs and nurse pracs. but not sure how to go about asking them. I am in arkansas and read the nurse care act and dont quite understand the terms about the nurse prac. do they have to be working for som mnany hours before they can apply for their independent license? please email me back so i can understand this better?

    1. Tamara,

      You need a formal agreement with a physician to be signing off on standing orders. Just work them as a 1099 contractor and give them the title of a medical director. No need to give them ownership in your business.

      I do not know Arkansas specific NP law.

      Everything you need is explained in the IV course.

  6. Can a LPN that is IV certified start an IV nutrition business under an agreement (as the sole owner) with a local Nurse Practitioner who would sign off on standing orders of IV nutrition?

  7. As an APRN doing initial assessments for an IV clinic, are we required to chart ICD10 codes on patients seeking IV hydration?

    1. Not for a cash practice. You can just use a symptom diagnosis or whatever. No need to put an ICD code in your chart when accepting cash.

  8. Do you know if in the state of Louisiana, is it within the scope of practice for a Psych NP to write and sign orders for these types of IV infusions? I have not been able to find a definitive answer on this.

    1. It is within the scope of any psych NP to order an IV. But LA has made starting an IV clinic difficult with their compounding laws just FYI…. You can only infuse bags of saline and IV push various vitamins.

  9. Hi Justin! Quick question. Would you ever consider offering a live seminar for iv hydration business startups where we can meet suppliers, pharmacies, etc? Also, what are your thoughts on what is happening in Louisiana also happening in Florida?

    1. I have considered it, but I don’t see how it would be any more beneficial compared to an online class. Suppliers and pharmacies change so much as well. I am just not sure if it would be the most effective use of time and resources for everyone. And yes, LA is ridiculous… but there are ways around that.

  10. I am a NP- BC in NJ and NY. Do I need a Medical Director to oversee the Outpatient infusion center in New Jersey

  11. Hi. i am A NP, FNP, B-C. In florida do you need a medical director to open a mobile hydration services?

  12. Hello,
    In Texas, would I be required to have a physician be majority owner in an IV vitamin infusion mobile business? Furthermore, can I have an NP write my orders as well and NOT an MD? Just want to make sure I understand the TX market regulations.

    If I am not an RN, LVN, MD, NP or any medical certified person, can I own majority of business as well?

    1. No, you don’t need to do that in TX as long as medical or medicine is not in the name.

      Yes, an NP can sign off on orders, but they need to still be “supervised” by a physician.

      Yes, you can own the business. Just follow the steps in the course. Piece of cake!

  13. I am reading about good faith exams all over social media. As an RN who opened a health and wellness lounge, I started with IV hydration. I have a medical director and standing orders signed. Does a mid-level need to do gfe for IV hydration if I am doing a nursing exam and have standing orders in Indiana? I understand I will need a mid-level to do gfe when I start administering Botox; however, I cannot find anything regarding good faith exams (gfe) anywhere. I did take your IV hydration class and loved it! It was very helpful!

    1. Kristen,

      It is usually a good idea that a GFE is done at least one time on the patient. It just shows that a true patient/provider relationship has been established and would cover you in the event something adverse happened.

      Is it required? It is state by state, but a lot of states have zero regulations surrounding this.

  14. Usually, a GFE should be performed on the patient at least once. It simply shows that a genuine patient/supplier relationship has been laid out and would cover you in the occasion something unfriendly occurred.

  15. I’m interested to put up a mobile IV therapy business, is it allowed in the state of Illinois to own the business 100% by a RN? Or I need a physician or an NP to be a partner in the business? Can I hire an NP as an independent contractor who can act as a medical director for a fixed monthly fee instead of offering a percentage of the business?

    1. You should be able to own any business you want as an RN. And yes, you can hire an NP to do that if they have independent practice in your state.

  16. In your course, do you have templates that can be used for collaborative agreements, protocols, GFE, standing orders, etc?

    Also information regarding paying collaborative MD as 1099.

    Thanks, FNP-BC from CA

    1. Yes, includes most forms you need but we do not provide collaborative agreements – those need to be state specific but can be found on BON and state NP organization websites often.

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